Food today is no-where near the quality it should be

Food today is no-where near the quality it should be. Chemicals are in the fertilizers we use, in the animals that eat the crops, it’s added to change the colour and flavour of the end produce and to extend its life span.
That means we aren’t getting all the goodness we should and need some extra vitamins and minerals, and for that we have the pharmaceutical Companies…………… extending even more our dependency on drugs.
Now let’s look back to the basics and see what Nature intended. All the plants die and fertilize the ground along with the natural waste of all the animals – everything regrows nicely and we have a balance that adapts to changes in nature such as floods, fire and drought. What we are doing to that system is changing the balance with our actions and chemicals, but worse than that human waste is not being used – we need to find a way to get it back into the earth and let nature work its magic.
Imagine getting back to growing your own food the way it should be done – it would taste better, have far more nutrients and we would start to get healthier the natural way.

Geoff Hindmarch

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