Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding Spiritual life for all religions.

Have you ever wondered who you are or why you are here?
Answers to all the meaningful, significant yet unanswered questions. 


VIRTUAL MEDITATIONS. Mornings, Afternoons or evenings… Weekly or monthly. Groups or individuals. From beginners to advanced.   Average price $10 pp. pm

They can cover all levels and all subjects. Regular guides are allocated to each group, with “Guests” covering specific subjects.

They start with Q & A on subjects, followed by a guided meditation to a new experience or adventure. Normally followed with a tea/coffee (Glass of wine?) break, then we discuss what each of the group experienced, and more questions.

VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS These normally run for a day or a weekend, and topics vary. Each will have 1 or 2 regular guides and guest speakers will be invited too.

Popular workshops are:

Reconnection to you: Tips, tools and techniques to navigate theses challenging times and life’s adversities with more ease. Processes to alleviate anxiety and negative emotions. How to BE and create the change you so eagerly seek.

Guided meditations, energy pulls and visualisations: To enhance the practice of connection to your inner self, giving you more ease, space, peace and freedom which will shift the need to look externally for anything. And to create the future you would like to have and be.

Beginners and getting started: All you need to know, to make sure you get off the ground with the right tools, going in the right direction. A must for all beginners.

Intermediate – Find out who you really are. How you fit in. How to meet your guides. This course fills in the gaps or the Spiritual Jigsaw, so get a full understanding of how he Universe works.

Nature and energies: One of the nicest days learning how we are all connected to nature. How all the different energies are connected, created and used. Memory rods, group energies and a meditation to meet and mingle with the tiny Divas that look after nature.

The Change of the Earth: How it will change. How it will affect you, groups, Religions, Governments, finance, Nature, emotions and development.

To find a course that suits you call Geoff on (27) 82-3256-889

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for an hour, a day or a weekend.
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These 40 audios are the basics of what there is to learn – you NEED to listen to all of them to be able the understand the lessons from here onward.
New lessons also need to be listened to in sequence. They can be found in the SHOP as they are produced.
Books are available too.

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