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Sitting in meditation I made contact with a young girl of about 6. “Can you help me?” she said. I was a bit taken aback – I had heard her with my mind – it was like remembering someone speaking. I replied the same way that I would help if I could. She showed me a group of newly born kittens – eyes closed, pink and helpless. “They have lost their fur “ she said. “and will catch cold unless we do something”
They haven’t grown any fur yet I thought back – but their mommy will keep them warm. Instantly a large tabby appeared and took charge of the kittens.
The little girl was happy, said “Thank you” and left. Her guide appeared and said “Yes – we have to teach children over here too”. She has answered my question even before I had asked it.
I was so excited – I knew I had experienced something special.
The next stage I learned was to allow a Spirit (We call them Spooks as they have a great sense of humour) to use my mind to operate my physical body so that they could operate my voice-box so they could talk through me to others – I would then listen to the Spook talking through me to the meditation group. This is called channelling and that was 40 years ago.
Since then Hundreds of guides and teachers from different dimensions and different planets have taken me on astral trips through various time zones in the past present and future so that I could actually experience different adventures, and gain an understanding of what life is really about.
Each new adventure became bigger, better and more rewarding – and each would have been unbelievable had I not “experienced” them.
It is now time to share those experiences, and find the right people that are ready to learn more. There will be Audios and Videos of lessons, adventures and meditation. You will be shown how to see your guides, how to Astral travel, how to channel and experiences beyond your imagination and without a doubt you are reading this for a reason. – Geoff

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MEDITATION for spiritual development

An audio series of guided meditations from beginners to solo.

  • 1. Explaining a meditation
  • 2. Learning the basics
  • 3. Your first meditation
  • 4. Growing your garden
  • 5. Wandering
  • 6. How to start seeing
  • 7. Above the waterfall
  • 8. Crystal Cave
  • 9. Walking through the village
  • 10. Brother Monk(Meeting your guides)
  • 11. Energies in buildings
  • 12. Antarctica
  • 13. Heartbeat of the Earth
  • 14. Village in the future
  • 15. Meeting Spirit children
  • 16. A visitor for you
  • 17. Into the Grayland’s
  • 18. A visit to the other side
  • 19. Healing in Astral
  • 20. Meeting place of peace
  • 21. Village in the future
  • 22. Red Indians
  • 23. Forest of Divas
  • 24. Weather and energies
  • 25. Nature, Human, Earth, Air, Space

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