Channeled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers,

with all answers understanding life…

The Spiritual Dictionary series brings together more than 1500 hours of lessons that numerous guides and teachers from the other side have channeled through Geoff and Verna Hindmarch over a period of 25 years. These lessons cover the spectrum from absolute beginner’s level to an extreme you will barely be able to believe…until you actually start experiencing it for yourself.

The Spiritual Dictionary has been spread over 7 books so far. It is ESSENTIAL that you read them in order… otherwise you will not be able to believe what you will experience.

Without a doubt you are reading this for a reason.

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Book 1: Understanding your Life

The journey starts here. In this first book of the series you will begin by exploring the fundamentals of your existence. Inside you will find the answers to numerous questions you have been asking all your life.

Book 2: Children, Rescues, Energy & Emotion

You have read Book 1 – and your journey is about to get a lot more exciting. As you progress through each article, you will be amazed by the way more and more pieces of the puzzle fit together, and astounded by the simplicity of it all.

When God created EVERYTHING in the beginning, he created every possibility of EVERYTHING for us to experience. Along the way the World we live in has changed many times swinging from one extreme to the other so that all experiences could be accomplished. Where are you now? You are just experiencing what you chose to – so just enjoy the now and allow yourself to be guided through the next stage of learning.

Book 3: Aliens, Nature & Adventures

You have read Books 1 and 2 and are now starting Book 3. Now it gets to be fun as we delve into nature and what makes it work. Meet up with Aliens from different planets, and we start what I call adventures – there was something new and exciting to experience in every meditation. Spooks would be ready and waiting to whisk me off to many many dimensions, to experience mind-blowing adventures and let me experience the next stages of development.

I finished every ―Astral projection‖ with a mind crammed full of new understandings. As you read the next chapters, let your mind open, and as you visualise each adventure as it happens you may be able to pick up the ―thought-forms which are connected to these articles, and see it as it really was.

Book 4: Spiritual Healing

The ability to heal comes from the desire to heal. The desire to heal comes from the understanding of life. You have seen how nature continually heals itself – no matter what the damage is. The body was designed that way too, but in order to learn and experience we stray off the path of natural healing and look at other possibilities.

The learning curve that we are in now is scientific medicine. Our Doctors are trying to find solutions using new ideas, chemicals and techniques – but not using all the tools available… such as love, energy, colours, sound and nature. That’s OK though – that is how we learn.

I have been very blessed to have joined in and experienced hundreds of healings, some of which are listed here.

There is healing energy on Earth that we can use – stored in Mountains, Deserts, all forms of nature and even energy left behind by experienced healing groups and teachers, but normally when we heal on this planet we use energy and guidance from spirit. Spirit cannot heal directly from where they are as this would interfere with the freewill that we have (and need to develop) – they have to go through someone who agrees to let their body be used to transfer Spiritual energy to an earth energy. Then that energy can be used to heal the one in need.

Book 5: History & Future Time

This is where it gets even more exciting. By this stage I was Astral Traveling almost every day. Whenever I tuned in there were always Teachers and Guides waiting to show me something new. Sometimes I would travel though different dimensions – sometimes the past and occasionally the future.

What I learnt and experienced was beyond my wildest imagination. You are being ―told these adventures and will find them hard to believe. I experienced them and understood them. And with each new adventure I understood that there were fewer and fewer people that I would be able to discuss them with.

I met some beautiful souls during this period. When you meet a soul on the other side you have an instant understanding of who they are – but you see and sense right into their inner being and experience the huge amount of love that they have to give – and their willingness to help and teach.

It is a very humbling experience.

Book 6: Our changing Earth

Congratulations. If you have read books 1 through 6 then you have a good understanding of what has to come next. The change of the earth will happen, but not as people think. The change is the new beginning. It will start in a big way in July 2020. That‘s when the new era will start and life will become happier and simpler.

This change has been planned for a long time – remember

― All time is now.

The children being born now are part of the ―happy generation and will be quite open to learning the new way of growing up – and what will you do? If you really understand then you will know that you will teach – maybe to groups, maybe to individuals but you will teach and show people the way in day to day life.

That‘s who you are.

Book 7: Strategy for Eternity

“What and how you think is now more important than your actions”.

This means that how people think these days will mould the way the World will be in the future…

Thought is creation – therefore if your thoughts are correct, the energy created will lead you in the right direction then things have to happen – it is that simple.

If you think the right way, you will feel more positive, and you will achieve more because of your positive energy.