Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1001 Black “Ending or finishing energy”

Spirit: Right? Okay. Now I’m getting a very distinct area. It’s a very, very misty area and there’s lots of low mountains and the tops of the mountains are sticking out through the mist. And the mist is very thick, and these mountains sticking out the top are black. And I’ve got a feeling we’ve been there for. And as I go down through the mist into this black that’s below, it’s very calm. Everything is dark below, although I can see. But there’s no negativity, no danger. Now, we’ve been here before and this blanket is, is it calmness?

Black is a very unusual color, an ending, or endings of things. When things come to an end, when karma come to an end, when the exercise comes to an end and so on and so on. So yes, it is a blanket of calming and finishing energy. Now you use blackness in your healing, where the blackness basically destroys the thought patterns and you put new ones in. So this is exactly the same thing. Blackness is used to complete various, lessons for people,  group energy, group trauma, all that sort of thing. It finishes them off and allows new energy to be put in.

S: New energy, yes. Okay.

Spirit: So but, it’s huge for us. It’s just a huge amount of energy that we’ve got here. And that, I’m presuming it’s for Turkey, but there are bound to be many others for different areas, especially with this change the earth that’s coming up.

S: Yeah.

spirit: So, there’s going to be quite a few of these. Okay. That is very good. Let’s just see where we go next.

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