Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1002 Nature looks after itself (Fish)

Right. Next is underwater. I have a diver’s face, a face mask. They seem to be quite happy. When water, which is bubbling from below, but it is very sort of dirty water, visibility is probably , I don’t know, 20 feet or something. It’s not particularly nice water. It’s seems to be like dirty river water, got chemicals in that sort of thing. So, I’ve gone down to the bottom, I’m sort of traveling along the bottom, and it’s just very, very dirty. There’s no real energy. The energy is dead. That’s what it is, dead energy. Okay. So with pollution, yeah, it seems to be a river. Okay. It seems to be a well polluted river. People just accept it. And again, we did a bit of this the other day with the Ganges river, remember?

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So this river, I go down to the end, and it goes into the sea and it gradually gets dissipated into the ocean. But there’s an awful lot of it.

It’s been going on a long, long time. So the balance of the sea is actually changing. Although it can cope, it is changing.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: And as that changes, it’ll also change where the fish go, where the reefs go, and so on and so on. So ,what they’ll do is they’ll actually go deeper, not change. Now this will take some time to do and until the planet sort of rectifies again and the water is much cleaner coming down rivers.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: What’s going to happen is the fish are going to move into deeper water.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Where it is cleaner and more comfortable. And what they need, of course is food. So they’ll either move to different areas where there is food and where there is no food, they will have to move into deeper waters. And basically they, not too many will survive unless they find suitable habitats.

Now, when you go deeper, quite a few things change. The pressure down there, of course changes, the fish, they will adjust to it, as nature does adjust to everything. But also the food that the fish eat, it’s mainly…. fish food is found around reefs. Where there’s a system of, you call it the..

S: Ecosystem. yeah.

Spirit: So if they can find it deeper, that’s fine. They will do that. And if not, they’ll move off to different areas. Now, fish are very good at finding different areas because there is a huge connection. You know, salmon for example, will all come back to the place where they’re born and they can swim around the oceans for many years, and then they decide to come back to the river where they started with. It’s not a matter of the homing device in one particular salmon. It’s that homing device is shared amongst all the salmon, except in the same way.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So where you get, for instance, the drama at the end of a river and the ecology is well, it is just too bad for the fish. Then all the salmon, for example, would get this information and then somewhere some salmon or any fish, whatever, would say, well, here is okay. And they’ll all migrate to there. That’s what happens.

S: Clever. Wow. Shew.

Spirit: Nature takes care of itself.

S: They’ve got their own email system. Lol

Spirit: lol. yes

S: And they don’t need WIFI. lol

Geoff: Yeah. Now I was watching something tonight, Richard Attenborough, David Attenborough rather, now he was in his late nineties. And he was saying that 96% of animals on this planet, of mammals on this planet are humans and cattle that we’ve created for food. Only 4% are natural elephants, lions, tigers, etc. And he said, that’s not the way nature should be. We are controlling nature.

S: Yeah.

Geoff: Instead of letting nature control the world, nature will always look after itself.

S: Nature is here to balance us.

Geoff: Yeah. There’s not much left…. for nature to work with. So it’s got to get back to where it was. Now when you think what nature does, it’s all the energies we’ve been learning about, the energies of, you know, of nature, of earth, air, water and all that sort of thing. And if there is only 4% left of earths animals, I mean, that’s, that’s nothing.

S: Yeah. They said that more animals are going to be sent down to balance us.

G: Well, nature looks after itself, so it must sort of happen. I mean, if you take, he said 96% of mammals are humans and cattle, basically.

S: Shew.

G: . Hmm. Ok. Right. So that’s how that’s going to work. Let’s just see if there’s anything else there.

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