Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1003 Cowboys, Indians and pure thoughts

G: Now, I have a guy, he’s on my right side, he’s got one of those big bushy sorts of moustaches. I’m trying to see who he is, who he was. Okay. He was a very strong character back in sort of western days, the 1800’s. and he was saying in those days, even way back, well, for a long, long, long time, I don’t know how far back he goes. But he said that there’s always been people like the two of us who have learned how to help out in various ways through energies, spirituality and so on. And of course a lot of it in those days just simply wasn’t accepted, but people still did that work simply because they had pure thoughts. Now, if you take the American Indians, for example, they were very close to nature and, they had very pure thoughts about the way they lived, which was excellent. And they were very good and they kept nature balanced and they worked with nature and so on.

He said a lot of the,… there was a lot of people around like him who believed in doing the right thing. So you’d be in a western town, for example, where there was I don’t know, corruption or whatever was there, but he would think the right way and his pure thoughts in an area would help to balance that particular area.

S: Yeah.

G: And where you were talking about the butterfly effect, the same thing would happen in a town where you got somebody who was well respected, he got followed and he got the recognition he deserved. But on top of that, because of his pure thoughts, he would generate energy to help people to think the right way, to solve their problems, to help in illnesses and all sorts of different things. Now there have always been groups, individuals like that. Because, you know, we have to make sure that everybody evolves, and evolves very comfortably.

And there’s always got to be somebody that can help us get our message through, so that we can, not control, but assist to make sure that everybody evolves the way they should do.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So it’s just more recently we’ve had to get more and more people involved because the earth is going so far off track.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So it just means more people and a bit more work, etc. I mean, that’s why you’re getting to this major change of the earth that’s going to happen now. It’s just a matter of more people in the right places. So we can make that change more comfortable.

S: Yeah. It’s urgency.

Spirit: Yeah. Now his, he says he can’t give you a name. Okay. He’s just trying to say, I’m just trying to get what he thought, how he worked, etc.

Okay. He said there was nowhere near as much knowledge as there was these days about spiritual life, etc. You didn’t…., the Indians believed of course in talking to their ancestors, and they understood it, but the white men didn’t. The white men had their religion and the religion was much newer in those days. It was much more revered, respected, etc. You either got people who really believed in it or people who didn’t, and there wasn’t this huge variety of religions. So by going to church and doing the right thing and believing the right way, pure thoughts, etc, helped make people make communities much better places.

S: Yeah.

G: So if you can imagine a small town where everybody went to church on Sunday, but everybody believed in the church, they didn’t sort of have to go because, you know, somebody said so. So they all wanted to go, they all wanted to sort of give thanks to the creator for what they had and they really enjoyed themselves and so on and so on. So they were,….

S: it’s positive energy. Yeah.

G: Yeah. Creating positive energy all the time. They thought the right way. That was the most important thing. And that’s what kept things more or less on track. It was tested many times when you got things like a gold rush, where everybody would go there and that of course would create, it would bring in all sorts of people. And there was an awful lot in the end, of greed, corruption, being taken advantage of, for different things. And there, you know, we had a lot of the good people to try and equalize, to combat all this greed, corruption and so on, so it didn’t get too out of hand. But in a lot of cases, it simply did get out of hand. And what we would do is let it burst its bubble, let it go to a reach its peak, and then it would simply crash and start again. So there’s quite a few of those. But the knowledge that we had in those days was very, very, very, very limited. And he says, thank you for that.

And just, it just shows though, without the knowledge, but with the right hearts, how the energy still …

G: Yes.

S: …. to such a degree

G: Quite right. As you heard a few weeks ago that if everybody had the right thoughts, the right energy, you wouldn’t need religion.

S: That’s right.

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