Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1004  A Communication Portal made of crystals

G: I’ve got one more, which is… I’m looking down at the ground and there’s a huge rock formation, which is like a giant football, that shape and it’s full of crystals. All different crystals. It’s stuck in the side of a mountain. And I’m not sure what it means, so I’ll just go down and sort of sit next to this thing. Now, we know there are energy points everywhere and energy can be sent to various places. We know there is crystal mountains. So I was going to say why is this a ball of different colored crystals sitting here? And it’s on its own.

G: Wow. This once more, is very hard to believe, but … they are saying, you should know this by now. lol.

S: Yeah. That’s new. lol.

G: t’s a portal. It’s a portal made out of crystal.

S: Okay.

G: And it’s just,…. now, they’re showing me this as, you know, a block of crystals, load of crystals, etc. He says it’s not quite like that. It’s just to show you that. Now if you take communication, which we are working on tonight, let’s take somebody a zillion miles away on different planet.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: And they want to connect. One way they can connect is through crystals. So they’d have the identical crystals over there that we’d have here. It’s a bit like a phone line, like WIFI. So they tap into their crystals and pop out our crystals over here. But instead of sending a signal that’s in their body basically, their spirit, soul, mind. I don’t know.

And that’s how they, that’s how some of them can come and talk to us.

S: Yeah.

G: There are many ways of communication and this is just one of them. There are crystals all over the world

S: Yeah.

G: All sort of different crystals used by different people. So it’s the same as in our world. We’ve got cell phones everywhere. They could have crystals everywhere.

Speaker 2:

S: Yeah. When, when you asked what it was for, I, I went up to the stars, the galaxy, the planets, the everything. So I was like, is it pulling information from other planets? that’s exactly what I got. And I thought, no, just wait and see. And it pretty much is yeah. Rather large energy <laugh>.

Speaker 1:

G: Yes. Now why don’t we jump into this thing and see, where we go, lol.

S: yeah. Lol.

G: Ok, let’s just try it and see what happens. They’re saying don’t expect to travel the way you assume. It is totally different. We cannot go anywhere yet. You’ve got to have somebody to basically invite you

Speaker 2:

S: Mmm.

Speaker 1:

G: To go over there.

S: A connection’s got to be made.

G: Yeah. So there’s two ways that can happen. Somebody over there can invite us and we can go and visit them, or one of our guides can take us.

Speaker 2:

S: Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.

G: Now I’ve been traveling before. I’ve been astral traveling before. I’ve been through portals in different dimensions. I’ve been through different portals, which is what this is, with a guide and that was quite fascinating. I think what they’re saying is it’s sort of enough for tonight.

S: Yeah.

G: But now that we’ve established that this portal is there, they can maybe work on taking us, taking us both on a trip. That could be quite awesome.

S: Yeah. That’d be amazing.

G: Okay. It’s going to happen. Well, let’s see if they fit in a last one. There’s nobody else. But there is my father here to show me a different one. And he is saying there is many different ways. Many different ways.

S: Yeah. I don’t think we have a clue.

G: Yeah. He is saying it’s a whole new game.

S: Yeah. It’s a whole new ball game.

G: Absolutely. So, lots of people we know in the background. My mom’s there. Don’t know where the Blonde is. A lot of people at the back. Anyway. That’s it for tonight.


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