Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1004 What we do is not what we imagine

Ok, we have been climbing a very steep hill and we are about to get to the top of the hill. And as we crawl to the top, we are going to look over, and the idea is we look over and we watch for a while to see what is the best thing to do. Because there are going to be quite a few possibilities. I mean they are just showing us that on the left-hand side we’ve got a high-speed train and on the right-hand side we have a very slow growing flower and in between, there is all sorts of other things. All sorts of bits and pieces. And everything needs changing.

We must, ok, just observe and you will…


No-name(Guide): You must start and it is not going to be what you think it is. And this again is one of the reasons why we have taken so long to get you to this stage. You have all the information you need to get the job done; it is just what the job entails is a little bit different to what you imagine. But it certainly won’t be a problem for you.


(G) Now I seem to have a group of houses. 4 or 5 houses in a couple of streets. And they are owned by very influential people. And I think this is the idea that they will help us get to where we want to be. They will suggest certain things which we will look at in the beginning and think ‘well that is not really what we want to do’. But when you look at the much bigger picture and the outcome and how it will affect so many different people, you will find that it is a very wise decision from their point of view. They don’t realise what potential you have and what benefits you have and what you can actually bring to this party. They will be doing what they want to do and it is fine to fit in, and only time will make them realise the actual importance of what you are doing and how things will change.


S: yes, as long as it’s not those menial massages, lol. I know that’s a limitation. But phew.


Lol. Once things move though, it will be pretty fast. And they will be quite big. Not what you imagine So, just something to look forward to. Something for you to be aware of. And now let’s see what we can teach you this evening.


I started off seeing a man who is a bit sort of Middle Eastern. And he was sort of squatting in a corner. Looking very mmm, not the nicest person. And then I saw somebody flat on their back, being dragged by their heels.. It looked like they were dead. Into a room and then up some stairs. I think this is connected to the guys in the 5 houses. It’s as if they’re, I’ll say Muslims, because I don’t know any better. And there’s, you know if you insult Mohammed or whatever, you easily get fobbed off. So it can be very dangerous. But why they want us there is, obviously to work something out with their religion. To learn more. The guides are saying it’s not important now. This is something that is going to happen. Just be aware. And this is the sort of thing where it looks very dangerous or it could be very dangerous, you’ve got to be very careful. You will be ok, so that is not a problem. But you will look at it in the beginning and think you don’t want to get involved, when you look at it closer, you realise you should get involved. And that will be a very big turning point for that particular community. Whether it is Muslim or elsewhere.


S: I wouldn’t approach any religion with any fear.




S: And it’s funny, in my youth, I wouldn’t even talk about religion.


You are both very wise as far as different religions go now. And you both understand, so it won’t be a problem. So we’ll put those on one side and move on to some nicer things.

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