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1006 A Guide explains how they teach Buddhist Women

Now I’ve got a schoolroom. Full of students. About 8,10,12 years old. And there is one right in the middle with a pink backpack. Ah, but this is also in Tibet. So it’s also to do with the Dalai Lama.


Noname: Now, one thing that actually went wrong with the Buddhist religion, is the involvement of women. And if you look at the Dalai lama and the surroundings, it is all men. It is male dominated.


S: yes.


So this young lady that we have just seen, is basically the female version. Now that has got to work a bit differently because to destroy the history that has been built up. And suddenly allow women in. It will take time, and eventually….  what we’ve had to do along the way is, keep the women at a level where they understand almost as much as the men. They can’t go into as much meditation and go into it full time, etc. But they have an understanding and you know what instant understanding is, it’s the same thing. We can guide them into getting an instant understanding of a situation. It’s the same as a mother understands how to look after a child when it is born, it’s an instinct. And so we can do the same thing with the Tibetan people and so on. So you get these women who, a very good example for instance is your Mother, how she affected so many different people. So you can imagine the same scenario done in Tibet, where you get several or maybe dozens or more, of these women affecting different groups in their particular area. And that is how we keep that level of understanding up, until the time is right, when they can be integrated with the higher council, and so on.


A lot of their beliefs as well, are not the same as your beliefs, they are similar. But they have developed in a very stubborn way. They believe in, very much long-term meditation. And also doing things with a group energy. When you have a group energy, it’s, you don’t always get the.. The result is an average. If you take 100 people, all going into individual meditation, they will all come out with similar ideas. But some will be this way, some will be that way. So, lots of different variations. Some good, some not so good, some very good. Depending on the level of their growth and so on. Now if you, instead, take 100 people and make a group decision, you will have an average of all of that. So therefore you don’t get such evolving and such really good growth. So, their education, history being passed down the generations, has all been group affairs, joint affairs, joint meditation, and they will meditate maybe several times a day in groups and following specific patterns and that is more of a worshiping than an individual evolving.


S: yes.


So, there are so many religions that need to change and be adjusted and so on. But you have got the right idea, what you will do is just put the information out there and let people see  how it compares with what they believe. And slowly slowly things will change. It’s very nice. Now I think that is enough from me this evening. Let’s see if there is anyone waiting to talk to you. Thank you and goodnight.


S: Thank you and goodnight.

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