Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1008 October 2022 OUR GRADUATION PARTY

Well things are looking a bit better; I’ve got the can-can.


S: Well, that’s good.


Yay, party.


S: Yaaaay.


Mmm, very interesting, and then after that I’ve got peacock feathers.


S: Yaaay.


Ok, I’ve got the palace to go into. This is the room that we saw months ago. Which was all empty, remember?


S: yes.


And we were going to fill one room at a time. Now we are working on the first room. It’s upstairs on the left-hand side, the first room you come to on the right. Well, how about that. So, I’m going to go into that room and see what it is. And it’s a whole mass of colours. Now the colours are very solid. None of them are mixed together. They are all separate. They are all darker colours, darker reds, darker plum colour, maroon colour. Lots of maroon. And this is like a foundation, the beginning, it’s a good solid base. There’s a Christmas tree right at the back. So, there’s lots of signs of festivities and getting things going and so on. Which is a great thing.


Now, I have tried putting you and I in the room, either of us, or both of us. And it doesn’t work like that. It’s not for us. This is to basically start the foundation, start the gossip going. Get information out there.


S: E has turned my whole head to the right, she has like she is pulling on my 3rd eye. Pulling it open and sticking stuff in there or moving furniture or something lol.


That’s good. Now in the middle of the palace. Ok, we went to the left-hand side, and to the first room on the right. If I came back out and came to the middle of the palace, right in the middle sort of suspended half way up, dead center, is a chessboard. Now what they are saying is “ok, now you know how to play and the idea is that we control this whole game.


No name: Now the reason that you have been given all this information, is so that you will understand the bigger picture, what goes on, and you are able to influence the bigger picture, far more than you think you can at the moment. You’ve had certain instances of small things you’ve done, where you’ve changed the energy in people.


S: yes.


And your first thought is “well, that couldn’t be me, I couldn’t do that, etc” But it is you, and you will see more and more of this happening. The chess board, both of you will use. It is just symbolic, to say that you are in control of a huge, I won’t call it a game, a huge development. You understand the task ahead and how important it is. Now, as you move ahead it is not important to get everything exactly as it should be. And things won’t always be as you assume. And you will make mistakes, exactly the same as when you made mistakes when you started at a much lower level. And of course this is simply the way that you must progress, evolve and learn. Seeing the overall picture means that you will not be so much, directly involved in the goings on of all the rooms in this palace. You will be aware of all of them. And it is your job to co-ordinate all the different tasks that are undertaken. And the energies and emotions that are created. And the moving forward that will be happening.

Now this may sound very daunting, but if you look back over the last few months and consider right in the beginning, when we first started to give you this new information, how you thought at the time, “this is just too much, this cannot be”. And now you are used to it. And it is going to be the same with the work that you have to do from here onwards. And day by day, week by week, it’s going to be exactly the same thing happening, more and more and more experience, and understanding. And this teaches you to go with the flow, with your gut feel, to do what you believe it right. And you have shown over the last few months, how you have been able to do that. Having your faith in that all things will come right. And you will end up going in the right direction. And doing what you assumed you would be doing, right in the beginning.

So, now is the lull before the storm. And things will start to pick up. And things will look a little bit brighter all around. And what will change first of all is the energies of the people around you. Not just your close friends, but friends that you talk to, colleagues, and so on. They are all going to understand you a little bit better. They are going to feel for you a little bit more. Because of the energy that is being created between you and them. The way you have been thinking these last few months, about helping everyone, without thinking specifically how that will be done. So all this has gone into these people, it’s sunk in and they feel this change. And they feel this warmth towards you. And they feel the understanding that you have, that you know what you are doing and how you are going to do it. And how you will be able to help them. And how you will be able to guide them. And just in general, that you understand far more than they do. So this is your way forward, and this is your starting point. And as this starts to progress, you will see bubbles of energy coming up in different areas, which will require your attention. And you will be able to solve the problems. You will be able to go in and do what is necessary to do what you believe is right with the full understanding of knowing you are right. You will always have this feeling of maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right. You will always be wary, but as you should be. Your instincts will guide you. You will have no doubts, except this feeling of wariness. And the more you do it, the longer you go, the more confident you will be. And every now and again, we will check in with something very small, to keep you on a steady path.

Now this applies to both of you. Although you will be working in different ways. But your future is suddenly looking a lot brighter.

You have a lot of friends up here. They are obviously going to work with you and  help you. You have got your guide E, who is very powerful.


S: Very powerful.


She knows an awful lot more than you do. Lol


S: She is good.


Absolutely. And we are all set to get started. So that is tonight’s message. So you can start to relax.


S: It’s very exciting.


Yes. And look forward to a most satisfying future.


S: Very exciting and very very good news. And a little bit scary at the same time. Not scary.


Now there are many here that have come to wish you well. Including your mother, your friends, your family, many many guides that you have come across and talked to, in the past and recently. Many people who have crossed over, that you don’t even remember at the moment. Everybody has come to wish you both well. To send you on your way. And to let you know that you have 101% support. Everyone on our side.

So from all of us, Bless you.


S: Thank you so much.



I’ve got a big kitty cat in front of you.


S: All over my whole right leg.


Just saying “don’t forget about me”


S:: All over my whole leg. And now the left leg.


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