Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1009  Reaction to our teaching in the UK

Now they are showing me the roads now in a different place. This is probably England and the buildings either side are whitish. And the cars are going backwards and forwards, both ways. And it’s very much intermingled. Basically what that means is everybody is going to look at everything that everybody else is doing and everybody is going to make up their own minds about which way they want to go. But they will all do it in harmony. It will be very comfortable the way they do it. And that is basically England.


Europe, they are saying, is all sorts of differences, but don’t worry about it. They just want to show us the two main things where people are… where there is a lot of anti and where there is hardly any anti. So that is that side of it.


Now what goes on in the background of course is all the turmoil and the recession and the depression and the wars and so on. And all this gets sorted out. And you will soon see how it gets sorted out in different countries, by the types of people that react to what you are trying to achieve and the change and so on. And some will be a lot faster and some a lot slower. And again, you have got this rollercoaster and again, because you need it, for everybody to be able to see the differences. And so, it can move on, change, grow, evolve and so on.

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