Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1011  A wake-up for the Russian people

Now, your big problem at the moment is Russia. And the people in Russia have been very much kept away from the truth. They have been fed a lot of exaggerations, a lot of false stories. And for peace, a lot of them simply go along with it and they think “well, it’s just government and they always tell us fake stories and so on, so we are not really concerned, as long as there is bread in the shops and we can go and play on weekends and have a reasonable life” – they are not too concerned. But as the way escalates, and the sanctions start to bite, and the economy gets worse, the recession kicks in, and eventually they are going to start asking questions. And they are going to say “why did we get into such a state?”. And again, there is going to be an awful lot of false answers. And again, what is needed here, is to allow the Russian people to connect up to the outside world, so they can see exactly what is going on. Now, it’s pretty easy for them to do that at the moment, it’s just controlled by the Russian state, internet, isps, etc. They cut off connections. But for the Russian people, it’s easy enough for them, with a little bit of knowledge, to access overseas information. And more and more people will do this. And what is going to happen is you are going to get pockets of people who are, let’s say, not internet savvy, and they are going to get together and say “why the  hell is all this going on? Let’s ask so and so, because he knows computers” and they will ask him and they will get access to overseas information and then they will realise. And then these groups will start to grow, then they will start to grow together, and that is where your group energy comes in.

Then they will look for leaders and if Russia is still in a …. Well, it depends what state it is in when that happens. That is the way it eventually has to go. But what  happens before that? Whether the war escalates or is sorted out. A lot depends on that. But long term, that is what is going to happen.

 Russia will then realise, the people will realise that they have been basically branded as the bad guys, they have been misled by their government horribly, and they will try and get sort of ‘forgiveness’ from the Western world, which would take a long time. And although, with the change, people will be far more receptive to forgiving them and so on, simply because they didn’t realise. But the anger and animosity will be there and it will stay there for quite a while. Till eventually Russia will get back on track and everything will start to grow again, with trade and with business and more understanding and they again, will see what is happening in the Western world and they will progress to the same level.

So even after the change, let’s say the change is going to be, for example 10 years, even at the end of that change, you are still going to have some countries which need far more change. There are going to be some countries which are going to be way ahead with the change. Which again, has to be. So that is just a little bit of what will happen over the next few years.

Now as you can see, it is happening now, and people hear about it and they hear that there is a recession and depression, there is bad news and this and that and the other, but until it really affects them, they don’t let it sink in. “It’s happening overseas, somewhere else, it’s not really our problem”. And it is actually everybody’s problem. But they simply won’t look at it, until it’s in their place.

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