Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1013 More for Geoff and Sharon

Now, if I can just get back to you getting started on your new venture. Basically one of the reasons for the delay was a lot of people have been squeezed more and more, and more and need to change. So, if you can imagine the change  going down to the bottom of the curve and then inverting and coming the other way, and when you get to the bottom, that is when you are out a job and you have no money, or emotionally spent, all sorts of things. You are at the end of your tether; you need a change. And it’s only at that stage when people start looking around and saying “what is the change I need” “I need some guidance, where do I go?” etc.. So now you have got more and more and more people waiting, looking for this change. And you were quite right, Sharon, to focus on the stress, the anxiety, and how people are suffering out there. And what you need to do is help them. Now, there are far more out there than you realise at the moment. There is more building up every day, and that gives you more of a market, more people to change. And you will get faster reaction, quicker reaction, to get where you want to go. To grow this change, this energy that you are sending out there. Quicker than you could for instance, 2 or 3 weeks ago.


S: Yes,


So, it’s all coming to a head now. And between now and Christmas, it will be a much much stronger head. And a lot of decisions will have to be made by an awful lot of people and that’s when you will be in the perfect position to progress and help all these people. And a little bit of help, when you are in a situation like this, means so much. Now, if I can give you one more example: as the two of you are at the moment, running out of commodities, etc. where maybe in the next few days, you don’t have enough food, wine etc. you felt it, you know it, you understand it. What you understand, is when in a week’s time, somebody gives you a loaf of bread, how you can appreciate that.


S: Yes.


Not that you will need a loaf, but as an example. You can appreciate it, you can understand it, you can see the clear path, of  how you much build up and create your life from now onwards. To build your foundation. To get yourself a home, to look after your future and so on. And this is what everybody else must do and that is what you will be able to teach. You have been there, and as you say, you have the t-shirt. You well and truly do. Lol.. so, you can progress that way. And what you are doing is quite right. You will be guided to the right sort of people to help you, to start with. There will be people that come your way, which are not suitable; and you will recognise them as being not suitable, and then you simply won’t use them. Your senses, of both of you, are very very good at the moment. And you will find the right people that will help you, they will just be so comfortable with you. And what you are going to create is this solid group of people. Solid group of people, where everybody helps and supports each other. And it becomes their platform. Their destiny. Their work. Everything is there. That is what you will be creating and that is what you will be controlling on a very low-key level. Not a matter of I’m the boss, it’s just you will get the respect because of the work you do. Because of your abilities, you will be recognised for what you can do, and that is why people will look to you to continue, and teach and lead, and so on.


S: That is super.


Good, now I think I have stroked your ego enough for one evening, lol. So,


S: Well, I’ve got E to work on my consciousness so that’s ok. That’ll balance it out.


Lol, that is great. And it is so nice to see that, at last, we have been able to change and turn. And move into a positive direction.


S: Absolutely.


Bless you both, thank you and goodnight.


S: Thank you, bless you and good night.

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