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1015  Energy to destroy and repair (Part 1)

I can see E all around you, on your right-hand side, from your nose going around to the back of your head. All on the right-hand side, it’s like she has wrapped one side of your head and it’s all bright colours and there’s loads and loads of colours and energy.


S: She is such a beautiful energy. She is so powerful and strong. Everything all in one.


Too true. Okay, I have gone through a gate. A bit like a castle when they have this Steel gate that comes down which is crisscrossed. And I have walked inside and inside it’s a bit like a boundary where it is red hot Metal everywhere, a cross between a steel works and hell, lol. There are lots of things going on and  I am walking through it and everybody is ignoring me. It means no difference; I am just viewing I presume. I can feel no heat or whatever. So what am I doing here? Now on the right-hand side, it looks like where there is red hot steel and so on, it looks like a giant gun, like a huge gun barrel. But it is like the barrel must be

5 or 6 feet long, at least, or more. It’s like shooting a huge bolt of red and orange energy, up into the universe/sky. It feels so, it doesn’t feel a light energy. It’s a bit like a war energy. I go out the back and there is a beautiful peaceful garden, flowers, Birds, beautiful weather, totally different.


S: The opposite.


Yes. Okay, it’s symbolic. It’s to destroy and repair. Basically. Ok, there has to be a destruction of one thing, to allow the good to be there. You have got to pull out the weeds, so that the flowers can grow. And you’ve got to destroy things, to allow the next generation to succeed. And this negative energy, funny enough it’s red and gold, which is a rebuilding energy. So the negative energy is, if you can imagine shooting the sort of energy on a city, it wouldn’t blow the city apart, it would remove all negativity, all the past records and Memories, very strongly and powerfully, and so on. And then the lighter energy can just drift in there and start to  regrow, and you get comfortable and so on. So it is something to be used for a very quick decision, there is nothing slow and gentle about it. If you are going to have a disaster, the best thing to do is to  just get the disaster over and done with, so that the new can grow. There is no point in dragging things on, like impending doom. Rather just get it over with and then just start regrowing the right way and that is what we are all aiming to do. People learn lessons of course along the way, and when it comes to the end of the dramatic whatever it is they are going through, they have to see it through to the end and they have to experience that, so therefore, that can go on for a long time, but when it comes to us to do what we have to do, we completely take over that and change that particular scenario. It’s best to do it very quickly. Now, when this is done with the group of people, what will happen is, I will give you an example in a small village or community, let’s say it is Palm lakes for example, what’s going to happen if there was total negativity, let’s say in Palm Lakes, and we wanted to change that completely. We would use this very strong energy to wipe everything out in one shot, literally overnight. Then the next day everything starts to regrow but the people themselves will start to regrow at the level they were growing at. So what happens is you don’t get a uniformed nice regrowth, you get a selection of good, bad and indifferent regrowth, but all starting at a much nicer level, one that hasn’t gone down the tubes so far. Does that make sense?


S: yes.


Ok. So that is how, symbolically, the change, to use the word, or changes are made. Other areas, where you get countries which are, let’s say basically they are ok, they are average, they have to change because the rest of the world is changing, so they must change as well. And all we need to do there, is you put in a very gentle energy, which removes any sort of past major problems, of which there are not too many, and lets people have a nicer future. Slowly that just changes very nicely. There are no countries that will not need any change at all. Because you change one thing, it basically affects the whole world.


S: The butterfly effect

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