Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1017 Energy to destroy and repair (Part 3) Africa, Asia, America

Now the change is happening quite fast at the moment. When things start to go wrong, it’s a bit like a building which is starting to crumble, it starts bit by bit. Like an iceberg, is a better example. Bit by bit the ice starts to fall away, and so on, and crumble, and then suddenly, everything goes at once. And when everything goes at once, that is when you can see the new section and that is when things start to get better. From this huge iceberg, which calves off and falls into the water and creates this huge tidal wave, which goes out and that creates a bit of drama for a little while, until that settles down. And that’s pretty much the same as what’s going to happen with this World, in each particular area.

Now there are several areas that we will work on, let’s say one continent at a time. Because the ripple effect, although you see what is going on around the world by watching the news and so on, It’s really what affects you, is what is in your current area, what surrounds you, your  neighboring countries etc.  that is what’s really effective. So you will see what happens in that particular area, but the countries next to you, let’s say to your North, they will have their countries North of them and the next and the next. So, you are looking at really Africa, the whole of Africa. So that is really one change that is all going to be done at once. Africa is a very good example as well, because you have got so many extremes in Africa. I know you have got a lot of crime, corruption and so on,  but you also have some very good guys coming forward, trying to make changes and it’s very difficult for them to make a change after years of tribal customs and corruption and so on, but they are trying, so you have a nice selection of challenges throughout Africa. Also the influences that you get, if you talk of Africa, your Tunisia for example is maybe three thousand miles to the North, it’s nowhere near where you are, but all the influences are pretty much the same. And then if you take the America for example, your white America, your Latin America, your South America, it’s all pretty much, you can call it a white influence. And then you have got Asia and all these countries. It’s an Asian influence. And all pretty much the same, because they are next door to each other. And then you get the middle east and if you think of the Middle East, the people there are really a mixture of Europeans, going to the Greeks on the right-hand side, the Asians coming this way, and in the middle you have got a mixture of people. You’ve probably never thought of it that way. That’s just the way it has developed. So, that is how these changes will be made and that’s how we see the change, and so on.

Now, I think we have talked so much about changes over the past few months. I know we did months of different energies. And then all the change that is going to happen, so maybe we need a break from that for a while.


S: But again, just to clarify and to get clarity, because a lot of people worry about the war, and also just to play with kids with this. To teach them to start sending energy, it’s yellow? That is the colour to send if they want to send positive energy? Instead of worrying or being concerned about something. What is the correct colour?


Ok, There is no correct colour. As such. Because, what temperature do you bake a cake at.


S: yes, so I can say “just think positive thoughts”


Yes, thought is creation. What you think is all that matters, don’t worry about the colour, we will sort all of that out. Now when you teach children, what colours to send, you can give them some of the basics, cream for calming for example, honey, red you know is a very strong, dangerous colour. Black is nasty. And of course your purples, your pinks, your plums, all those are nice calming comfortable colours. But there are so many different ones, you have a very limited range on Earth. So just do whatever feels comfortable.

Now your guide, E, she will give you the colours whenever you need them and you will be surprised at some of the colours. What will happen is she will give you a colour and instantly you will know what that colour is for. You will sense very quickly. That is one of the reasons she is with you, so you learn this stuff very quickly. Not learn, you are able to interpret what she gives you very quickly.


S: yes, ok.


After a while, the work you are doing, it’s just a matter of, you won’t be thinking about how things will be done. You will simply be living a life, working in an environment, you will automatically think the right way, so it’s not a matter of consciously having to do things, it’s just a matter of thinking the right way. That spreads the energy.


S: yes, and that is our practical way of living. That is what I busy programming myself out of. Just be in the moment, just feel and sense, perceive and just, yes, that is what I can feel myself flipping out of, and into.


Yes, so you can walk through a crowd and enjoy, walk through a market and enjoy the market, and it doesn’t matter about all the people around you, the good, the bad and indifferent. What you see, you will automatically send out the right form of energy automatically. You don’t even need to know you are doing it. You just need to know you will be doing it and you will enjoy the day. Being able to think the right way, allows you to do this.

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