Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1018 Energy to heal Gabby

Now, little Gabby, for example, you have all the best intentions, you would love to heal the world but you can’t heal everybody. And you understand that some people have problems for lessons, whether the lesson be for Gabby or for her Mother. So,  you simply do what you can and understand, which I am sure you do, that you can’t do everything, although you would love to.


S: Yes, lol.


So, there are limits. But, Gabby is going to benefit an awful lot from your energy, put it that way. Lol.


S: yes.


Now, I have a puppy with Gabby, it’s her animal guide, if you like.  And the reason she has got that puppy, is she connected today with your dog, and she would like her own dog and of course it’s not practical for her to have one. So she has one in her mind, and it’s like a little golden retriever, a spaniel, golden spaniel. Which are very good family dogs. But it is very small. And it is her size. It’s probably half the size of one of your dogs. But she can see it and it’s next to her and she will love it and so on. And of course this is all in her mind, and she can see far more than people realise. So she has got her little golden dog.


S: sweet man.


It’s very nice.


S: A very special being she is


Yes, she is indeed.

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