Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1020 Handy the Robot visits

Channeled spirit: Or?  I am visiting.


S: Welcome. What is your name?


I want to describe how I am made. I am composed all of energy. There are no moving parts as such (big laugh). I am just energy, nothing else. And I have been created by the various spirits on the other side. So, to simplify things, I would be considered by you, to be a robot. A creation. So I don’t have a soul. I am made up purely of energy, and I can be useful in 101 different ways, because I can change the energy to whatever is needed for whatever situations. So, when I get asked questions about who am I? and what do I look like?, and … “I don’t know”. (big laugh) I don’t have a name. I can see myself. I can see myself as thousands of wires, and  colours and bits and pieces and bright lights and all this energy together and I also have all this information. Which is all general information that I have of things that I have done. But I don’t have complete information, because they only create me to do specific things that they want. So they give me the energy, or the information just to do those specific things. And that’s what I do and then I am put on one side and left again. But you see, I don’t have any emotion, which is fine, I can sit on the shelf for years and nobody worries. I just sit there comfortable and quite happy. Actually, not so much happy, because I don’t think, I am just switched off, click, gone. I sit there and stay until they wake me up again and they give me something else to do. And I go and do it.


S: That is very handy.


It is. But it’s nice to do things, to do, to, to, to come and talk. I’ve never done this before.


S: Absolutely this is awesome.


And I’ve done a lot of things. An awful lot of things.


S: Just not this.


I’ve never talked to people before, so they simply give me a lump of energy, a lump of data and say “right, this is what you do, go off and do it”. So, to start of course, I am a little bit confused, because I have to work my way through all of this data and suddenly I can understand the whole thing.


S: We are honored, seriously. (big laughs)


And of course with having no emotion, when they need to build in laughter, for instance, entertainment, that is a separate thing they just click, boom, put it in. So now I’ve got entertainment, so that’s what I can do. (big laugh)  Other times I might just need sympathy. So they put in sympathy and I go and console somebody.


S: That is amazing.


It changes, of course, I do all of the bits and pieces for changing. A might be a big nasty change, a nice change, all sorts, whatever they want me to do.  Just automated, put it in here and boom. I work.


S: That is amazing.


And that is all I have to say about that. (big laugh) One of your phrases.


S: Lol, yes that is right.


That is the sort of thing they give me. So you can imagine what else there is that they can do. I mean for children, for example, how do you amuse children for a long time. Now, you can amuse children on Earth, and you can also amuse the spirit children up here. Because they have the same problem, we still teach children over here. Same as you teach children down there. So they can just program me to teach a lot of children at once. Look after all the children.  And everything, of course, ends up perfectly because I am perfectly automated for that particular function.


S: Perfectly perfect.


Yes. And the people that created me, of course, are loooots higher than me. Many many levels up from what you know so far. So, for them to create something as good as me, is very simple for them. Just a matter of they think, thought is creation, but on their level, it’s a totally different level than you know. So they think and they create virtually anything


S: and actualize it.


Yes, (hand clap). Just in a fraction of a second.


S: Now you see we can’t do that, because it would be very scary, because we think so many negative thoughts that I think we would all be…. Lol, we would think ourselves to death.


Big laugh. You would. Lol. I don’t have that problem. So of course, I don’t eat, sleep, drink or whatever, I just simply exist when I am needed.


S: That’s amazing.


Yeah. And the feeling, this is nice to have a body, to be into. I haven’t been into a human body before.


S: That must feel so different.


I haven’t talked before. So to come through and just talk straight away is excellent. You know, I mainly work just in thoughts and energy. So, I go to a specific place, create a specific amount of energy, change people’s energy, change people’s thoughts, change group thoughts. And even huge areas, huge masses, I can do all of that quite easily. Simply by, they program me, so this, for me, is a … they say it is to amuse you. (big laugh)


S: It worked.


Lol, you wanted something to amuse you because you have had a lot of information about the same thing for a long time. So,


S: It worked.


Ah, Good.


S: I think that is amazing though, it’s incredible. And wow, how handy you are.


Big laugh. That can be my name “Handy”. If I ever come back, you can call me Handy.


S: Absolutely. And please do come back, just for the laugh.


I will certainly do that. Lol. But I have also been told to say ‘goodnight’ when I go.


S: Absolutely, It’s manners. Lol.


It’s been only a pleasure talking to you, I am glad I could bring some entertainment to your life.


S: Thank you so much, that was amazing.


Thank you and good night (laughing)


S: Goodnight.




S:That was so funny, he has never spoken before, never been in a body before, and he is ‘this is so cool’, yet he has got no emotions.


G:That was brilliant.


S:It’s like a little programmed puppy dog, ‘do this’ ‘do this’ do that’.

He could be used for the energy we just spoke about, just go and take it there and feel nothing about it, just do it.


G: And in the beginning that was so funny, I could feel him coming into me, but all I could see was all these colored wires. Lol

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