Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1021 Groundhog day lesson

Okay, I have a semi-built house that has been abandoned. So I’ve got a street with houses down one side and on the opposite side there is a house that was being built, that had the foundation and it wasn’t completed. The rest of the houses in the road are fine. And there is nothing inside but for one plank of wood that is propping up the wall or leaning against the wall, nothing else. Totally abandoned. It seems to be a little bit like the odd one out, because all the houses on the other side are identical, except this one, which hasn’t been completed.


S: maybe something to do with conformity and being the odd one out.


True. For every group of people that embark on a specific journey, there is always a failure. And there has to be a failure of course, for balance. The reason we are seeing this one failure, is (I was thinking it might be to do with killing cats {we are helping a friend’s old cats pass over this evening} or to do with the Arcturians and so on). But I am getting nowhere there.


If I go to the end of the road, right at the end there is a lot of green bushes, not bush as we know it, English garden type Bush. Hedges is a better word. So there are hedges at the end, and I have a look in these houses, and the houses have been lived in, they are all empty now, there is nobody living there. But they were built and completed and so on.

So this is something to do with something which is created, which everybody created in the past and it was fairly successful. There was one major failure, which had to be and then it moved on to something else.

Let me just go to the next Street up and look at that one. And that is also uniform with houses partly built.

And I go the next Street up, it’s the same thing, and there are people in this house, in the houses. And the odd one is ¾’s built. In the beginning there was a lot of failure, so we try again, it’s a little bit better, so we try again. So these are basically Cycles. Cycle of whatever it could be. Life, religion, all sorts of things.

So as each cycle progresses, it’s evolving, so it’s getting better, so eventually….  the house will never get built, the odd one,  because there always has to be somebody looking for more.


S: all on different levels.


The people are content with that. Yes, we progress up different levels.

Ok let me try going into the houses up here. And see where that gets us. All the lights are sort of going out and everybody has moved on to the next level.

Ok I think we are looking at this the wrong way. This is repetition. So repetition, they are just doing the same thing over and over again. But as this happens, gradually the house on the end seems to understand that it has got to develop a different way to be able to become a part of the repetition. Ok so what does that mean?


Ok, as things are passed down from one generation to the next, the same thing as passed on with a little bit of Change. And there has to be change of course, to evolve. But what is passed on in the majority, is not really progress. It’s evolving a little bit, because you have to evolve. But there is no actual progress. It’s like we were saying, there is no teaching, to actually jump ahead and get things done.


Spirit: So it is the same thing happening over and over and what is happening, it’s people in these houses are content. They have the answer, they know what they are doing and they built the house the right way. And it’s only as a group, as Time Goes On and they get further into their lives, but they realise this is not quite right, there is something missing, so they look for a little bit more. And they all talk to each other, and they all, as a group, they all take the next step. And you can call these trends. The same as you have trends in fashion, you have the same now in religion. If you take the religion, the spiritual understanding as you knew from 20, 30 years ago, to what it is now, it is slowly coming forward, but it’s not developing as fast as it should. And you saw that a few weeks ago down the south coast. With that old fashioned Sunday sermon. So, the belief is so strong. When you get that strong belief, it is very difficult for somebody to be able to change it. And what they need, to see the change, is proof of Change. Not just somebody saying “well, it should be done this way etc,” They need to have proof. They need to experience it for themselves, to be able to understand. Now with this particular group when that does happen, it’s quite a good thing, because they all trust each other and they all work together as a group. And when one of them says “Ah, I have seen the light, this is much better” And they show others the light, then it is much easier for the rest to follow.

So this is part of an understanding which you need, and again, it’s for your teaching, your progression, etc. How you will be handling these groups of people. Now the house on the end, is the change. There is always somebody in the group, who is thinking, planning, changing, going off in different directions, trying different things. And it is good that they try different things because everything they try, they can see “well that didn’t work out, so let’s try something else”. But at least somebody is trying something, that is much better.

Now, if the group just carried on without that trying, the same thing would occur and the repetition would be exactly the same.


S: Groundhog Day.


Groundhog day, exactly, quite right. Now that was quite long and drawn-out but it is something that you need to understand, that the groups of people that you are dealing with, they are based on what the group themselves believe and have passed on to each other. Very very little is being, is through actual experience. Now, this stems from what Geoff was thinking about, all these different Lemurians, Arcturians and so on. There are lots of different planets, there are lots of different, what you call aliens on this planet at the moment; and working with us, working in different dimensions, doing different things, developing different ways. There are lots of them out there, as you know, you have met a few yourself. But what has happened with this group, is that it has been passed on but because it is so,…  in the beginning it was such an amazing thing, that you had the one guru, who had his followers, who said this, this, this and this. And the Followers, being devout followers, 100% believed this and they passed it on to the next generation, which are your houses. So,  each generation passes it on to the next, and suddenly you have a following which has been going for 10 generations. But it hasn’t changed. So now, the one house is saying “well, this could be wrong and this could be wrong, and so on”. But that is fine, they will understand at a later stage and the house will eventually understand more and more and then start to influence the rest of the people. And it has to work out that way. So that was your main concern, about how you weren’t told or didn’t understand about all the different star seeds, as they are called. So that is how they have developed. Now, over the years, you have had a lot of visitors, who have come from different planets, etc. And so these different race groups, or whatever you call them, species, lol, societies there’s a whole selection. They have all developed different ways. You know about the ones, for instance: the Incas, the Mayans and so on, have come down, tried working here, to develop a new group, and it’s the same with all these others, they try developing different ways, different dimensions, everybody tries different things. Because that is the way everybody develops.


S: Yes.


And there is such an enormous selection of different people. I mean this is just what you see on your planet,  so imagine on all the other planets, all the different variations,  I mean there are just an endless amount. So the point of this, is you don’t have to worry about getting your belief across to the rest of the people. What do you need to get across, is to get them to think, that is all. You get them to think for themselves and then they learn, the experience, then they can start changing things.


S: So  it is just sharing information, that is it.


Just sharing. Now, there are two things here. If we look at the houses and the art house at the end. The houses are groups of people, groups of people let’s say at the spiritual church;  and if you go along there and you plant one seed, that seed starts to develop in that particular church. Maybe it will take years, but eventually that said will become acceptable, it will be the right seed. Meanwhile in that church, somebody else has picked up your seed and a few other seeds and they have decided to develop it and think about it, and so on. So that is what is going to happen in a lot of the groups that you will get to, you are going to have that scenario. 19 houses, one still being built. All you have to do really, ice plant seeds. You cannot solve the world affairs, although you would like to. But you can point people in the right direction, make people think the right way. And as we have said before, the tiniest, tiniest seed that you plant, will create this butterfly Effect, and that will start to move right across, right across the universe basically, everything is endless.  So, that is a small lesson for you to absorb. let’s see what else is there.

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