Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1023 Clarity can bring peace to relationships

Now behind you Shan,  I can see, it’s like an Indian squaw. A very loving lady. She is dressed like an Indians squaw,  and she has got a lot of very nice colours in there. And her headband and straps and all sorts, really nice. I just want to see what you want to say.


Ok, the life that the Indian had, the other day, where he lives on his own, you get the clarity etc. She had a similar life. She had that life with him, or similar, I am not sure. With a strong man, she is saying. Ok. And what she learnt in that life, was harmony. Now she went through the life with this very strong man, and her job to be a wife, to look after him, care for his needs and all this sort of thing, to be the sort of perfect wife. And what she found is because he was a very strong person and because he led this life of having clarity etc, she had a very very peaceful life as well.  And her life was the same clarity but added into that was the ability for having to look after him. Now women as you know have a much stronger emotional tolerance, understanding than men do. And this, she developed. The way she is showing me is, in a normal relationship, you get a woman who controls the man as far as emotional understanding and that sort of thing goes. In the level she was at, if you take that to the nth degree, so that they both had the clarity and the ability that she had to look after him, his emotional side, was a very clearly defined line. It wasn’t so haphazard, as in a normal Society, were you constantly change and it changes all the time. In this lifetime, it was simply a lifetime of happiness, please, harmony and she was able to create this line, of being able to look after the stronger man, the male, or whatever. She is saying that she created this wisdom, obtained this wisdom, and that is what she wants to share with you. Again, just in a situation that you will be getting yourself into, in many situations where you deal with wives and marital problems and so on, and so on, that you can call her Harmony.


And she will be there to give you the answers to problems that you have, that need.., along those levels. Okay, where do you get couples that have problems, where the man doesn’t understand the woman, or whatever. And they are giving me the example of the women who’s married to Jango, that does the nails. Their situation is very Rocky, if you like; and she tries to look after him and it doesn’t really work because they have conflicting energies. So if you had a situation like that, you would be able to give to her, an energy, a better understanding of what she must do to calm the situation, to make the situation better. Because as you learn everything, and  that is one part of a thing that women learn and evolve;  and you  go from one Life to the next. So she is very peaceful, a beautiful soul. And she is just saying she is there, whenever you want her, just – she does the Harmony bit. And she just wants to introduce herself and so on. And says “she will be in the background, you’ll probably never even see her again, but she will always be there. Because, as you know, time is completely different in this world and I will always be there. And don’t worry about a thing.


S: Very nice. Lovely, thank you.

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