Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1024 Helping cats pass over

Ok, let’s do the cats for 5 minutes.



Ok, here, you can use animals, a connection of animals is very simple. For instance you could connect to your old dog Mutts, you could connect to this brown dog here, and get the information sent at a lower level, along to the cats. It doesn’t have to come from a higher level, which is you to the cats. So, what we want is, we have heard from Sharon that both cats are very old, they are both suffering One had some sort of a stroke, the other one is 18 years old and way overdue, she is blind and all sort of things. They are both well past their sell by dates. So, what we will do is, we know that black is for ending a life. WE want to end it comfortably. We want to end it with happiness and peace. So they pass away peacefully. Let’s see what we do from that. Maybe Sharon, if you tap into brown dog and just see if you get anything there.


S: I’ve got them sending that pink, calming, loving energy to calm and soothe and then black energy


Of course you’ve been using that, haven’t you?


S: Yes. But I think there are all sorts of animals here, horses and other dogs and just lots of animals. Tons of animals.


I can see that. That is great, because animals on that level I basically connected so much. I didn’t realise that. It’s not just dogs connecting to dogs, it’s dogs connecting to cats and horses and all these other things.


S: They are all nature.


Yes, On a different level. So that’s why,… I can see the whole group of animals you’ve got here. And I can see the two cats. And we are just asking them to take the cats over.


Okay, there is a process. The process is very similar to humans, where they need to understand completely, it’s just their time. This is why animals can go off into the forest to die. They know it is going to happen, so they go off and they lie down and they basically ‘tune into the other side’, if you like. And allow their souls to totally relax and leave their physical body and cross over. And for them, it is not a trauma. It’s simply a relaxation. A freeing of their pains and problems. Death means nothing to them. So, that is what they are going to do.



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