Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1025 The family Sharon’s guide “E” comes from

Nice, we are getting a visitor.


What I have is a huge block of liquid energy, all colours. The same as spirit on the other side, just all colours. It’s huge, probably twice the size of a human in size. All the different colours in the middle, constantly moving. It can show different faces. A part of a thing he showed me in the beginning was an ugly face. And he is saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Spirit: The other night with the people from the Grayland’s, who were ugly thoughtforms. It’s because they were created ugly. But you must realise if all you see is ugly faces, then some of them must look better than others. So, it’s the same as on your planet, where you have some beautiful looking people and some ugly people. And so it is the same where we are, although you would classify us all as 2 things: you would first of all classify us as ugly when we showed you faces, but we don’t need to show you those faces. We are basically just in a liquid form. We are all colours and it was described to you just now, the size we are, and if you could imagine, you could put your arms, maybe halfway around us. That’s how round we are. And full of colour. So, it’s not just a thought of a colour. Like your advanced spirit, who are just seen as colours, they are simply colours, there is no substance to them. We have developed so that we have substance. And why we did this is because we started to develop, we passed the stage of physical on different planets, and we became just energy, just colour. And we decided that instead of just being a mental energy, we would like to progress and just have ‘some’ physical substance to us. Just to see what the outcome would be. And so, if you can imagine 100’s of us, in one area, and we are all multiple colours, all moving backwards and forwards. But because of the, what I was saying just now about the beauty and the ugly, we see each other in different ways, because of different colours. And different undulations, if you like. And swaying, and…. I’m trying to find the right words for you..


S: Movement


Movement, yes. Of all of us. So that is how we differentiate between the beautiful and the non-beautiful. It is relevant to every situation. No matter what you look like. Animals of course see themselves differently. Humans see themselves differently.


S: yes. I was talking to girls last night and they were talking about one person being a very good match for someone else. But she has a point of view that there is one box not ticked. I was thinking today, if we were all blind, and energy is the first language. And if we just felt and sensed and just had this conversation and felt the energy between someone, would we have a different relationship with each individual?


Very much so.


S: Exactly, so it’s our eyes, our perception of what’s inside us that reflects and creates our entire reality, with relationships. And judgements.


Well, it’s one side of it. But it’s a very important side because you see things and you  make a judgement based on what you see.


S: yes.


Again, light, dark, ugly, non-ugly, and so on. But imagine if you were born blind, and then you didn’t have the sense of seeing. Then your other senses are a little bit heightened. And your touch, your feel, your sensing of course would be so much better. And because you haven’t been able to see before, you wouldn’t actually miss it. And you would live in a totally different world.


S: Absolutely


Now imagine a world, if we had everybody doing that, that couldn’t see. With every other asset, but not being able to see.


S:  Exactly.


How would that work out?


S: Exactly.


It would be a little bit difficult because there is lots of things that you can’t do without sight. It can get very tricky. So, ..


S: That would change a lot of things. Lol.


Lol. so getting back to what we wanted to do, we wanted to see what, how we would develop. And we started just by all being basically uniform. But having the ability to change shape and to change colours. And having a very advanced knowledge. A very advanced knowledge of all sorts of things. But of course we had to take, what we had to take out of that, was basically the experiences that we had as a physical body. Because they don’t relate to where we are anymore. If you can understand that.


S: yes.


It’s quite tricky but, so, imagine if you will, you are just a group of energy and all your friends are energy and you can all change shape and you can all sense and send information backwards and forwards and you enjoy each other’s company and there are so many things that you can do. Now, you’ve got visualization, thought is creation, you can create all sorts of things. And we can do that, but that’s one of the things we didn’t want to do, because when you do that, it’s unlimited what you can do. As we were saying the other day, if you play golf, every shot is a hole in one. Fishermen catch the biggest fish every day. So there is no advantage in that. So if we did away with that and we just became energy, and how we would react as energy to different scenarios. Now, it’s a little bit different because we don’t eat at all, we don’t need to, we don’t sleep, we don’t have those sort of ‘qualities’ that you have on earth. So we simply exist.


S: So you are energies in form.


We are just like a big ball of energy. We can move, we can push against each other. And there is a solidness there. So we can feel that. And we can, what you would term, sleep next to each other. Although we don’t need to sleep. We would spend time pushing against each other, as a form of connection, communication.


S: And how is that progressing? How is that working for you, is a better word?


What we have done, is we have created totally different senses. If you look at what you do at the moment, with your sense when you look out at the natural vegetation and so on, you are now able to see an awful lot more. True?


S: yes, yes.


That is exactly what we have been doing. So developing that side of it. So we are a lot more sensitive, we can sense more distances. Now, with colours for example, we have the colours, and the colors mean more, because if I can give you the example of a black energy, and then you get a light pink energy. You get the opposites.


S: yes.


So all the different colours mean different things and it’s part of our communication. So when I would meet one of the others and you think how you are feeling, and they show me in colours, and we respond and we have an automatic reaction to good, bad, need comfort or not, and that sort of thing.


S: So you have emotions and … everything the same.


Yes. We have emotions. Very good emotions, very good sensing and so on. So the idea of this whole thing was to see how we could progress, as a species, if you like.


S: I like that.


But it’s pretty much coming to an end now, because it’s sort of limited as to what we can do. We have gone pretty much to the extreme, and …


S: So you have to acknowledge everything you have learnt from that, the heightened abilities you have learnt from that and take that with you.


Yes, so what we will do eventually, very shortly, we will simply take all this information back to our higher selves, the same as you would return after your life on Earth. And we would simply go back and we would then reassess, revalue what we wanted to do after that. But unfortunately we lost our main leader, if you like…. She decided to work elsewhere and try and use her talents with a human.


S:  ah, I wonder who that could be? No ways.


Yes, so that is where E comes from.


S: Oh my word. Wow Well, I am honored. Truly truly honored.


E is very good. And the reason she got the name E is because we don’t use names over here, we don’t need to. E is Energy, which you guessed. So, E is staying with you, and she will stay with you for the rest of your life on this planet. Because also, time up here is totally different, so in a short while, which may be one year, two years, ten years, we don’t know, we will go back, we will regroup and we will probably look at doing something else, just as outlandish, just to see how things develop. See this is one of the nice things about being over here, when you reach this level, you have got so many abilities, that you always want to test more, try more.


S: Absolutely


Try more adventures, and we have the ability to do that.

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