Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1026  Chatting to “E”s family

S: I can see my Mom over there like a happy little puppy dog, going “oh my – it’s a smorgasbord”


Yes, we have met. Lol.


S: like a wild puppy dog.


Now you see, with communication, automatically we link up with all the people that are relevant. I am not talking in our stage now, in our stage now, we don’t. But when we move back and join up with our higher selves, we automatically tune in to different people. It’s like we met your mother, or we met, ah, met is not the correct word. We got information of your mother because we knew it would appear in one of our visits, like this chat, or whatever, in the future. Because the future can be seen at this level. We don’t want to see the future. But we simply prepare for it, because it makes sense.


S: Otherwise you can’t relate to it, yes.


Yes, that’s right. It’s pointless going to somebody’s house if they are not in. So it’s a waste of an adventure, so that’s why we use where we can. And it doesn’t do any harm to anybody, nothing at all.


S: Nice.


So, E is in good hands. Lol. You won’t get her full time, unfortunately.


S: She is there when I need her.


Yes, and she will be working with us backwards and forwards, but also what we are learning through E, is what she is capable of, working through you. Now, if this is successful, it makes sense that we simply produce another E who will go down and join another party and help on your planet, or other planets.


S: Yeah.


The ability that we have is what you have been getting, where the sensitivity, sensing everything is now much much finer than it used to be. And so, what you feel is so much greater than what you used to be. It used to be very coarse, and now it’s very fine, fine.


S: A higher vibration.


Yes, but how far can that go?


S: Yeah


You see at the rate we are developing; we are doing all the sensing and we have achieved what we thought was as far as we could go, but there’s always a little bit more, let’s see what happens. So..


S: Well, we will be successful. Lol


Lol, I am sure you will. I am sure there will be no problems.


S: Not looking into the future or anything. Lol.


Lol. Well let’s say you are off to a very good start. Lol.


S: Thank you. Thank you for E.


Only a pleasure. So I will leave you now, go back to our liquid state. Thank you.


S: Thank you.


(that was so nice, it’s like her family)

G: Do you realise I did half of that with my eyes open?


That was amazing, now you know where E comes from.

And you guessed it before we said it..

Yay. Thats amazing.

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