Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1027 Meeting Rob who has a message for Penny

Ok, Now I’ve got some molten rock, it looks like, it looks like it’s on the side of a volcano. The top is sort of black and crusty and I can see the odd flashes of red through the cracks and below I can see molten lava. But in the center, it’s like one chunk has been cut out, so it can be pulled out and pushed back in again, like a stopper. But this stopper is probably, I don’t know it’s like 6 feet by 3, it’s huge and it’s made out of stone, so again, symbolic. I think it means you can open up and release the energy from the volcano. I’ll just see what sort of energy this is. Alright, I’ve gone inside, and I’m in the molten lava at the moment.

I seem to have Penny’s Rob there saying “you idiot”, lol.

Ok, let me just go back outside again. And see if that was real, or my imagination.


S: Why would he pop into it then?


Yeah, no, he says it’s real. Okay, what does he want? He seems to be walking away and looking back over his shoulder. He is walking into a big, beautiful forest. And .. it seems to be he wants to meet Penny. Now I thought first of all that maybe Penny is about to ‘pop over there’. Because he was going to a very tranquil place. Ok, he is going to a tranquil place, like we used to go and meet Mom. So he is going there and what he is saying is “it’s about time Penny said ‘hello’” , if you like. He says “I don’t expect her to get into meditation, or whatever, but just tell her that he is thinking of her and he is looking after her” and all this sort of thing. And to tell her that he is wearing a suit. Now that is not significant to me, but it will be significant to her. He is wearing a suit. And… there’s lots of his friends in the background. He is not confirming, it sort of feels like that, but he is saying no it isn’t. What he is saying is that a lot of their friends are coming across, but he is waiting, so it’s ok. He has got his suit on, he is best behaved, that’s more like it, best behaved. He’s got his suit on, waiting for her, no hurry, everything is good, everything is happy. But she must learn a little bit more about what we are doing. That’s not quite right. No, Penny is sort of set in her ways.


S: yes, she is.


So, it’s just a message to say, give her a message saying that he has got his suit on and whenever, and you just have to word this correctly, lol. Whenever you die, I am here. Lol. Time is different, everybody is over here, when you are ready. He’s got his suit on. This is what it is. He has seen his whole life, he is not going to apologize for everything because he learnt loads of things, etc. But he says he has got his suit on now and she would be very proud of him.


S: sweet man.


That’s the message to get across.


S: And you can give him a big poke from me, from behind. (that’s what he used to do to me)


Ok, yes, now they are all turning and they are off.

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