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1028  Verna visits and brings Patrick

And I’ve got Mom. She is standing there with her arms crossed. Have we forgotten a birthday or something?


S: No? Why are we in trouble? I did tell you that Terry passed away yesterday morning. Her cousin’s husband. Passed away yesterday morning, or was it this morning?  OR yesterday, I don’t know. If it’s that – I’m sorry. But I don’t think we have forgotten any birthdays.


Birthdays, dead days… lol.


S: lol, dead days. Dying days.


Now she is just laughing. Now she is wandering off. Lol.


S: huh, nice, love you too.


She just comes and chats when she can.


S: Typical mother stands there with her arms crossed.


Okay, now let’s see if we got anybody else.



Ok, Mom’s friend Patrick from down the South Coast. Remember the guy who had his house and so on, died of cancer in the end. He was stuck down the side of his bed for a couple of days.


He is working with a lot of people who had similar experiences to him. He was stuck down the side of a bed. And it was a feeling of  helplessness, you can’t move, you can’t get out, there is nothing you can do. And it’s a terrible terrible feeling. It’s like a form of claustrophobia in the end. Just helplessly waiting for people. And he is showing me that where he is working at the moment, he helps people like this. He is in a, if you can imagine a hospital ward, but the ceiling is twice as low as normal. And it’s pretty darkish. And that is where they bring the people who die from rockslides, mine falls, all that sort of thing, where they have been crushed, where they haven’t been able to move for whatever reason. And they bring them here and they sort of, in a way they sort of ‘unwind’ them. So these people come to, on a bed, where the ceiling is just a couple of feet above them, and the first realization they get is, “I am not trapped solid anymore, I can move a little bit” and he saying because, what would happen if we suddenly brought them out into the open and suddenly they can swing their arms around and do everything? It’s .. they bring this fear with them. It’s a horrifying experience and they are so terrified of going back into that. So they have got to get over that fear. So that’s why they start off this way. And they spend some time just lying there. And the energy, everything there is dark. It’s a bit like, there is a stone, which is like a metallic, reflective, silver come mercury, (I had a couple of stones on my desk, you will remember the colour when you see them) Everything here is that colour. It’s sort of darkish, it’s silver and black and some very dark blue. And everything is that colour. The floors, ceiling, walls and bed. And the bed is just like a sunken bed, it’s not a proper bed, it’s just like a sunken shape. And that is where they lie. And they get used to being down there and moving around. And watching people outside in the next chamber if you like. There’s like maybe 20 beds in this chamber. And they watch people in the next chamber where there is a little bit more room and they will move into there and then gradually they move into outside. And that is what Patrick is doing.


And he says he enjoys doing that because he can relate so much. And he says he had such a horrible experience doing that. So he obviously got over that. And that’s what he is doing.

And it was Verna, of course, they met, chatted etc.  And it was Verna that insisted he come and just show himself to us and so on. 


S: oh, you two must have had a ball meeting up there. Lol.


Yes, absolutely. Lol



S: shew, that’s amazing, so we go through things and then we end up helping people through those things, the same as in life. When you go through something you can help someone through it because you have been through it.


That’s right, yeah. The more you experience, the more you can help others.

So, he has now walked into the forest with Mom, and they are both smiling and a basic wave and goodbye and Mom does her (kiss) bit. And Patrick sends his love and says he is willing to help you Sharon, anytime, anytime you want, just call me.


S: Cool if I find any squashed people, I’ll let him know. Lol.


Lol. Yeah, he can see the funny side of that. Squashed people.


S: lots of love.


Ok, lovely and off they go.

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