Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1030 Understanding poverty

Now I’ve got a roadside scene. In a very poor area. There’s a young girl, about 6, and she is sitting on the side of the road. She is looking very lost. So, I’m going to go and sit down next to her. And see what this is all about.


Spirit: She is growing up, very much in poverty. And again, it’s another sort of lesson. She is growing up in poverty but she is used to it, she doesn’t know any better. That is the way she is going to grow up. So she will be happy when it goes from poverty to making ‘some’ money. But it’s not the same as what the two of you have gone through. Where you have had money, you have had success and you’ve lost everything. So the depth you’ve gone down is far greater. Then when you look up and it starts to improve, you see it with totally different eyes. Not like the six-year-old but with all the wisdom and understanding which you have now. That’s how you are seeing it. That’s what we needed you to see so that you can understand clearly, what had to be done and where you were going. Right, now after that, I think you have seen enough of those examples for now, so let’s look on The Brighter Side and see what we can find for you.




Right, waterfall. The waterfall is coming towards us and what it is looking like is, I am about to walk into a waterfall. But then all these fish coming over the top of the waterfall, and they are saying the same sort of thing, you never know what is coming up ahead. So all you have to do is just go ahead, in faith, that’s really all they mean, just go ahead in faith.


S: Just keep walking forward.


Yes. Just keep walking forward, we will handle the rest. Even though sometimes it’s uphill, it’s fine, enjoy it.

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