Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1031 New energy brought in from the sea

Now we have a massive group of people and they are on some island somewhere. No it’s not people, it’s fish. I don’t know, I’m looking down on a nice Bahamas type scene. Where you’ve got this nice clear water. Probably somewhere like India. Where you’ve got these huge rivers, nice clear water. And I’m looking down and in the water, and there’s like, it looks like masses of people going towards the shore. But then I got closer and they are not people. They are something else.


Spirit: These are new species coming from the depth of the ocean. Now, because of the change, as we discussed the other day, there are so many things that are not needed anymore. They haven’t changed, they’ve not sort of gone out of fashion but with nature changing and so on, a lot of things simply aren’t needed anymore. A lot of animals have become extinct, plants, flowers etc. But they need to be replaced. And they get replaced naturally by nature doing what nature is good at, just expanding and changing and so on. We’re just simply giving a helping hand; we are not producing new creatures or plants or whatever. We are producing new energy. Just so nature can use that energy and adapt it and change it and so on.  The Earth as well. Energy for the Earth as well. So, as you know at the bottom of the ocean, there is a massive amount of energy, far more than you realise.  There’s lots of things going on down there that you will learn about later on.

But it’s very simple for us to create this energy. And this will be happening all over the world. And this new energy is coming out and it’s going to help with the change. It will help with nature. So, once again with you Shan, with understanding, with what you do with nature, etc, you will be seeing a lot of even more colours and more energy, just by knowing that it’s happening. That is all you really need to know.


S: yes. 


That is the only thing we wanted to show you there.

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