Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1032 Correcting Religious energy

What they are showing me now is energy around churches. I’m trying to see how, or where this is going but where you have a church, let’s just say the Anglican church as an example. It’s been around for many centuries. And people go to church, leave a certain energy there. So the energy in the church grows and grows. Now, that energy grows in the church. It just gets bigger and bigger and when it’s been there for centuries, Westminster Abbey is a very good example, it’s been there for centuries; you’ve got this massive amount of energy. What happens to all that energy? You can only have so much of the energy. What happens to it?

Now where you get, let’s say Anglican churches, around the world, it’s happening to all of them. It’s happening to Catholic churches and Protestant churches and all the different churches you can imagine. Energy is being created. Now, what this energy does is basically persuade the people. When you go to this church and you listen to a sermon, everybody listens to it and they leave an energy there, and that energy is a part of that sermon because that’s what they believe. And they believe in the religion, so they believe in the sermon. So they believe in a lot of things which are not quite right. Because as you know, there is a lot of translations of the bible and various books which are simply not correct. So there’s all these mistakes and these have to be rectified. But they have been entrenched into the people.


S: Programmed


Yes, really really really programmed. And on some of them, they are just so far out, so wrong it’s unbelievable. But they won’t all change in the end. The point is what happens to all this energy? It’s created, it’s used, it builds up and builds up, so what do you think happens to it in the end?


S: It must go up into the air or be discharged somehow.




S: And then carried off and cleansed, or …


Well first of all is it positive or negative?


S: It’s a positive energy. It’s not quite right, but it’s positive.


Yes. It’s a positive but incorrect energy.


S: Yes.


Now, do you want that positive incorrect energy around?


S: Okay, you mean can we use it right?


Yes, you are on the right track. Quite right, if you can use it.


S: you could use it to send someone to sense and perceive that, when they need to sense and perceive that.


And who are the best people to see this energy in the church that’s been created?


S: Who are the best people to see…


To see and understand that energy. You’ve got an incorrect energy which is positive. So you need to correct it first of all, so now you’ve got a positive church energy, who would that go to? Who could best benefit from that?


S: The people coming in.




S: The people searching.


So, you’ve got the Anglican church that’s created all these positive energies, they need to be corrected but they go back to the parishes themselves. And then they understand a bit more and then you’ve got a massive amount of energy which helps them progress and make the change. So, that’s what you have to do. Simple, just through thought. Now, what happens is, because it’s such a massive amount of energy, once you change one portion of it, you can change the rest of it.


S: That’s the ripple effect.


Yes. Because it’s all identical.


S: Yes, it’s a vibrational match.


Right. Quite right. Now think of all the different churches, the different religions, the different ways that this is going to happen.


S: Wow.


There’s going to be some massive changes and in some cases it can be changed, where the changes are small, but others, where it’s gone to the extreme, there is too much to change, people wouldn’t be able to believe. But maybe what would happen, is they would see their mistakes. If they were able to see their mistakes, then they would simply abandon that religion.


S: Yes.


So that is what you do with the extremes. So where you come across a religion, now again it’s not up to you to decide whether it’s right or wrong.


S: No.


But you must put that information out there, that thought out there. And that thought is very simple, if it can be corrected and changed, all well and good.  If not, people must be able to have their eyes opened. So they can then move onto a different religion. So that’s how your religions will get sorted out over the next few years.


S: That’s so nice to play with.   


Lol, it is indeed.


S: That makes it a whole lot easier. Lol.


Now, if you look at the courses that you are going to do, what you are going to have are groups of people who think a similar sort of way. If you had a group of people all from one thought form, one religion, if you like, one church, that would be very very simple to handle. But what you are going to have is a few with different thoughts. Now they can all be for instance, basically spiritual, basically Christian, or whatever; but because of their experiences being brought up, they will be thinking different ways. Their perception is different. So that makes it very interesting, that people are seeing the same thing different ways.


S: Yes.


So now what you have to do is simply correct, so they all see it the same way. Now, it won’t happen with everybody, it won’t happen with extremes, but if you take sort of the best and the worst, discard those – everybody in the middle, you can change all of those. Because it doesn’t need too much change. The ones who are positive, think that they have it right. And the ones who are very negative, won’t actually listen, because the change is too much. So you make those small changes. But then what happens is you get a small group of people in a group that are thinking the right way. They are all thinking exactly the same way. And they will start the butterfly and ripple effect.


S: yes.


And as more people come into your group, you are going to get more people who are thinking the right way. And that is how your group will expand. So you are on the right idea, just to get out there and talk to the people. Now one of the big advantages that you have, which you have learnt over these last few months, is you don’t have to stand there and persuade them all…


S: No.


… to do the right thing. Simply being there, letting off that energy. Letting it go towards them, letting them feel all of it. That’s when you will start making the change and that’s when you will start to, their conversations will change, you will automatically know what to say, how to react to them and you will build them up your way, and so on. And so it will just carry on improving.


S: I must say a nice benefit is to be able to move the energy


Absolutely, yes.


S: Wow.


Yes, it’s very satisfying, it will all be very satisfying.


S: It’s rewarding, yes.


Yes, rewarding. Now you’ve seen it with a few people you have worked on so far. How fast it can work.


S: Yes.


And that is simply going to get better and better and so on. Now the idea, as your father said, of getting groups together and getting bigger and bigger groups, makes a lot of sense. Because this is exactly what is going to happen. Even when you are doing it via your computers, your internet and so on, virtually, you call it; even people all over the world, if they may be individually at home, yet together, they are working together, with a similar mindset, and the whole group can then change. Then they will all start conversing together and then expand from there. So, very exciting times ahead for you there.


S: very exciting.

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