Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1033 The difference between men and women

Now let me explain a little, if I may, about the difference between men and women that you will be teaching. The women, as you know, are far more understanding, emotional. They are much better at looking after, bringing up children, looking after husbands of course, family and so on. They look after the emotional side. And they are very good at that. Very good at sensing as well.

Whereas the men are more the hunters and the wise men, they will see things a little bit differently, they will tend to analyse more and they want more proof. And only when they get the proof will they start moving in that direction. They become very sincere about it and very, what’s the correct word…


S: Yes, I can perceive the energy. More intense about it.


Intense, yes. That’s a very good word. So you are going to get two different characteristics. Men and women are two totally different characteristics.

Men getting together as well, you have problems with ego in the beginning. But then of course, once they get over the ego stage, then they can get onto more progress, better progress.


S: Yes.


From the ladies side, not so much ego, simply because they sense more. Or can sense more.

Children, they of course are very open to change at the moment. And if you, again, if you had a group of children, they have a very limited experience so they wouldn’t be too far apart in their thinking. There will always be a few extremes, but they are easy to manipulate, and I say that in the nicest way because they have a thirst for knowledge.


S: They are open to it.


Yes, very much open to it. And especially with the new generation that you have now. Very much open to it. So when you will be teaching these children, what will happen there is, you will sow the seeds and then they will go out into the world and they get the experience in different things, but they will keep coming back to you, because you planted the seeds. And you will be seen as the main teacher, if you like. The teacher with wisdom. And they will come back many times, and just ask odd questions, because what we want to create out there is a society which is far more honest than it is today. And if you teach them honesty at the beginning, when they have queries and questions they will come back to where they were taught that honesty, or who taught it to them. So that will be a lot of people coming back to you then. Any questions?


S: No. Lovely energies.


Lol, you are going to have a lot of enjoyment with the energies. And you’ve had some fantastic people, I’ve been watching a lot of the visitors that you have had. From the different societies and the different mindsets and different stages of development and some extremely high, you would be surprised.


S: Yes.


And some lower, that have developed different ways. So you’ve had a very good selection. But what its done is it’s given you a great understanding of the whole, the width of the different possibilities


S: Varieties and possibilities, yes.


Absolutely. And if you had been given all these in one shot, it would have been far too much to believe. So it’s been bit by bit and each one has become more and more.., you know we have seen your concerns about the different people that have visited etc., it just sounds way too much. But you understand so much more now which is so nice to see. So, I will leave you there. And for once, I will say goodnight as I have been instructed. Let’s see who else would like to come along and say something.


S: Thank you and goodnight. 

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