Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1035 How nature will handle Microplastics

G: Okay it looks like we’re going to talk about some form of pollution. I can see some streaks with … they are sort of deep in the water and full of pollution. And at the end there is more pollution coming through. It could be Italy; it looks sort of Italian. It could be Italian waterways but wherever it is it is not too important. It’s just the message.


Spirit: Now, nature can handle all of this. What you have been doing is putting these microplastics in the water. Nature can adapt, can filter things and so on. But plastic is man-made and plastic is not biodegradable. Plastic gets into the fish and the fish get into the animals, humans, the food chain etcetera etcetera. And before long, everything has to adapt, simply because of the plastic you have put in, in the beginning. So it’s very important to change, but it’s a little bit late now, to be able to make the change, it is happening but it is going to take a long time before plastic is completely eradicated. And it’s going to take an awful lot longer before the balance of  nature comes back and plastic is eradicated from nature. So what nature does is it has to live with it, and what you will find it will do, it will start storing plastic. The same as trees eventually turn into oil, so the plastic will actually start to group together and it will become more and more compacted and can basically become a substance which is no longer damaging to the planet. It will be mainly at the bottom of the ocean and buried much deeper in the Earth’s crust. But it won’t be in nature so much, so nature will eradicate it as quickly as possible. But it is a very serious thing. It’s going to go on for a long time, it’s going to cause a lot of damage and lots of things will have to be changed because of the microplastics in the fish and the animals. If you take the microplastics that go into humans, it’s going to make that a lot worse because it will first of all go into the fish and the animals and then into humans and it will start to build up in your cells.  Now, your body has a natural protection, it looks after itself when these alien things come along, so what would happen is it  would start storing the microplastics in the body. Because it can’t expel everything because it’s tiny portions and they will be in the bloodstream. And the best thing the body can do is start storing it, the same as you get the plaque buildup in the arteries, the same thing is going to happen, he will have the microplastics build up. It’s going to be very very fine, but what it will do is it will shorten the life of a lot of people. Now, it’s not at that stage yet but it will  reach that stage before it is eradicated and when that stage is reached, you will be long gone off the planet, thank goodness. But it will be a very severe lesson for those left behind. So although we are going through the change and that is going to be beneficial all the way around, there are still things that will happen after the change which will…


S: Impact us


Yes,  impact after the change. Definitely. So there will be a continual learning among everything else that has to be done now. What are they going to replace plastic with? They’ve learnt an awful lot and you’ve got this new technology, the Rainbow children, the technical children, etc. And they are going to find new ways. They’ve had a fright; they’ve had a scare. They’ve seen what’s happened on the Earth with the pollution of the plastic, with the pollution of the oil, and how everything has been left…. When you get these bad forms of pollution and so on, it’s the big companies that are responsible but tend to do nothing. Because the ability or the desire to make profit overrides common sense.


S: Exactly.


Now, the people themselves are going to see this and that’s what gives them the big scare, and then the companies are going to pay for it, they will make sure of that. And then suddenly things will start to get back to normal but it will take a long long time.


Now, one thing that hasn’t been thought of, is these microplastics in the air. Now you know how small they are, so small you can’t see them with the naked eye. So they are extremely lightweight, so they will blow around in the wind. So when you get storms, they will blow around, they will go up into the clouds, they will come down in different places and they can spread very quickly. But think of the effect it is going to have on your lungs and on the lungs of animals.


S: yes


So besides eating it, you will also be breathing in these microplastics. It’s not a good situation. Now, there are going to be a lot of lightning storms at one stage around the Earth. These lightning storms will go on for a couple of years  and that will also be in some years hence. And what they will do, is basically eradicate a lot of this microplastic.


S: Ok


Simply through the energy that they have. Now you can imagine the energy of a storm. A flash of lightning, compared to the size of microplastics. So, a few good storms in the right places can clean up an awful lot of things. And that is basically nature that sees that dramatic things have to be done. And that’s one of the ways that it will do it. And it will be about 2 years of big electrical storms, and that will be the reason. Whether your scientists pick it up or not, we are not sure as yet.

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