Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1036 How storms are helping with the change

Our main guide is channeling through Geoff

Now, there’s a little bit about storms. Because of the severity of the change and how nature has got so far out of balance and the energies have got so far out of balance –  a lot of it will be fixed with storms. It’s a matter of just giving the planet a good shake and sorting it out,  etc. So, it won’t be gentle, there will be heavy storms in a lot of places, to correct balances.


So where there are dry areas you will get rain, And where there are wet areas, you will get drought and so on. So you can get the balance back to normal. Now, you’ve seen what’s happened in the last few years, there’s been places where there’s been several years of draughts, and now in the Far East you are having several years of rain and floods. So, this is part of it. It will take time to adjust but not too long and then nature will come back to as it should be.


I’m going to have a quick look at mountains and ice and snow and so on. Now, at the tops of mountains, it’s not too often that you get clouds above that, that can deposit anything negative on the top of the Mountain, so the tops of the Mountains tend to be very pure. And then when it runs down, obviously you know it’s a start of different forms of energy and very clean energy, etc.


S: yes.


There will be instances with the storms coming up, where mountains will be affected.  And again, over about a 2-year period, where you get these heavy storms, lightning, thunder, etc. And so, negative deposits will be put on top of mountains. And that will slow down, slightly, the pure energy that is going down into nature. Nothing serious. But it’s just a way of balancing, so it won’t be as pure and clean as it was before, it will take a little bit more looking after. All it needs is a little bit of adjusting from all the energy that’s used, all the way through the energy chain, starting at the top, all the way to the bottom. If everybody has to suffer 2 or 3 or 5%, so be it, but at least when we get to the end, the energy is back to being pure.


The center of the Earth, there is no real change there, because that is the sort of base. There is nothing major going to happen. It will of course retain all the memories. And very little is going to happen below the Earth’s crust when you go down a few hundred meters, not much is going to change beyond that.

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