Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1037 Things the last generation didn’t learn

Right now I’ve suddenly switched to, …I’m sort of looking down on… there’s a steep hill or rock face either side. I’m looking down and then there’s this walkway I’m going through with rocks on other side. Is blocked by the entrance to a,.. It looks like a  temple or something. It’s very much in stone and very open. The door is open. And I’m going to go inside. So it seems to be set in the mountains somewhere. So you can imagine two huge mountains on either side, this walkway is probably the width of 20 ft, quite narrow. So I’m going to walk into this door. It seems to be sort of abandoned and empty and history. So I’m going to walk inside, and….  Now inside there is just a jumble of things. Planes, water, boats sinking, cows, rockets, all sorts of things. Nothing is stable, or making sense, it’s all moving and it’s just one huge jumble of things. I can walk right in the middle of it and nothing happens. This is all so very strange but not unusual. Ok, there’s another door, and as I walk in, it’s an empty classroom. It’s very very old, like Roman day etc. Empty. These are things which the last generation didn’t learn. Okay, so they were supposed to learn it but they didn’t and that’s the classroom that’s empty. So now I’ve come back into this turmoil of different things. And it’s all the things which have become negative, which are bad, which shouldn’t have happened, that have happened that need sorting out, etc. Now there’s one person in charge of this. Well he’s not so much a person, he is a …. He looks like a giant fish. He is energy, that’s all. And this is like a storage space and the reason for this storage space is for people to learn, not only from this planet, but from other planets as well. It’s major events that have happened in the past, where things have got screwed up.

And they are saying, with this change of the earth that is coming up, they’ve got to sort of document it and show other people.


S: yes.


Now it’s going to be a massive thing with millions and zillions of different changes and so on. But we see it as a simple event which we can understand, through instant understanding, because of how far we have evolved.  So for us to look at it, we can understand it very simply. So, all the things in here go back 100’s of 1000’s or millions of years. And they are all things that have happened that we can look at and understand completely. It was very difficult to show you what this was, or what this is, I’m glad you sort of picked that up. It’s something which you will probably never use, never see, and the reason they are showing it to you is….just to show there is a record. So, again, life is very much long term, not just your linear years, but 100’s of millions of years so you just keep on evolving in different dimensions, different times. And this is just another place where the more advanced beings can access information. Of course it doesn’t look like a doorway and a mountain, that’s just the way we show that to you. So, it’s all energy and things that we can actually see. Right, so we just close that door and leave that one.

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