Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1038 Faster understanding than you can believe

Ok, and now, I am going to see the opposite. What they showed me first of all was just a few daisies growing and they now, straight away I look to the left and there’s the identical thing on the left. And as I go in there, it’s all bright and positive and so on. Now these are things that have happened during the past, where things have evolved, where they turn out to be correct. And it’s changes that they made, which had a profound effect on the evolving of the people, the planet, nature, etc. And so on. So again, they are all stored there as information.


What it is, there are so many different planets and they all evolve in different ways, because we have different gravities, different suns, above ground, below ground, all sorts of things. There are just thousands of different ways to evolve. So we need access to whatever information we can find. But a lot of the information that we gather, is not suitable for a lot of the different planets. So we need to put this information into ‘boxes’ if you like. So we can have a look at all the different options and say “well that may fit in there and that may fit in there”.

Again, when you get up to this level, I’m showing you, simplifying the whole thing for you, so you can understand it. But the way we see it, if I can just show you, is just a matter of connecting colours from our collective brain, to all the different planets and all the different dimensions. Everything is connected through one multitude of colours of, they look like spiders webs. Just everything is connected and that’s the way we see things and that’s the way we can understand and interpret them. Now, on your Earth, of course you have senses and that is the way you see, hear, feel and so on. That is something which we have been through a long time ago. So what we do now is a lot simpler, a lot quicker, a lot faster. And of course we are going to get a lot more knowledge into every fraction of a second, every single thing that we do.


Because we’ve got an instant understanding, we can look at a picture, like the one I’ve just been talking about; of all these different planets, we can look at it and we will have an instant understanding of what’s happened, the evolving of all of those planets. And that’s so, it’s just waaaay too far-fetched, but that’s exactly what happens when you reach this level.

Now you are probably wondering why I am talking at this level, talking down to you at such a lower level. It’s not me talking direct to you, it’s my thoughts being transferred to, let’s say a lower ‘individual’, who then transfers it down to the next person, and it gets down to you.

So, they are my thoughts initially but they can have,  this whole conversation could have been a fraction of a second in my thought and then just passed down. And you pass it down with all the different possibilities, the options, the recurrences, the questions, everything that could happen.


S: Yes, all the information, everything, yes. .


Yes, it’s all there. So that is how that happens, so you can imagine how we enjoy, really, what we do up here.


S: Absolutely.


Now I keep referring to up here, simply because ..


S: I know, lol.


You call it up here, lol.


S: Around here.


Yes, around here. When you have a look at the galaxies, they are tremendous, there are so many different… I mean again, we can see what happens in these different galaxies. Now to us, it’s a bit like you looking out over a variety of fields. And one produces hay, the other produces grass and another one grows alfalfa, or whatever. So you see all these different fields out there and instantly you know what they are growing, what the farms are doing, how it all happens and so on. It’s the same as us looking at galaxies. Now that sounds so far-fetched but you get the picture very clearly when I say that.


S: yes.


Lol, so it’s beautiful to do. I really thoroughly enjoy it. Okay, so getting back to your tiny planet, it’s going to go through some nice upheavals and it will sort itself out. Not too serious. But it is starting right now, and a lot of people will have a hard time, a lot of people will cross over, but at the end the planet will be back on track.


S: yes.


And evolving the way it should do. So that is my message for this evening.


S: Thank you.


So thank you, and as we have been told, goodnight.


S: lol, Goodnight.

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