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1040 Nature corrects damage by floods in Pakistan

Ok, I’m in Pakistan where there’s been so many floods. I’m going up this huge river but it’s now a totally flooded river. And the houses on other side have been basically washed away. And there’s all mud huts. What I am seeing in front of me is devastation. For a huge distance. I mean a really huge distance. And it’s not just the land gone. There are loads of people in distress but what I am seeing mainly is a bit of what we discussed yesterday. About how nature will change the flora, the fauna, etc.

The distance I am looking at is hundreds of miles, I think. It’s just absolutely massive. It’s where all the floods came down and it soaked into the ground and this is not the first time it’s happened. I’m seeing sort of waves of it coming. Now normally they have sort of monsoons, you get the floods and then it dries out and then the shoots begin to grow and so on. And this happens every year. It’s been like that for a long long long time. The last five years it has got worse. So what happens to the floods last a lot longer and the water goes a lot deeper into the ground and therefore suppresses the shoots. The shoots then change so that they only sprout right at the top. And very very few, not the majority. So they become sparse at the top. And people don’t realise that the reason for this is because of the flood water. It’s suppressing everything. So, it gets sparse and then there’s more floods and so on. And then it gets used to these floods and basically what it is saying is “it’s a bit pointless growing anymore because we know there is going to be more floods, so we have got to change things. That’s really what it is.

So, it works as a group mind. You’ve got the diva’s looking after it. And the diva’s as you know they are one group mind and they control the whole thing. So what I’ve said is “what are they going to do, because this water is saturated, what are they going to do?”


And they are showing me that they have got to change it completely. What they will do is change the way the water comes down. So, if you can imagine a river which is 50-100 times wider than normal, and then you take the outer banks, the extremes, where the river reaches the soil, the land. And right there, with water travelling at speed, it tends to dig away at the banks. Where there are corners, it digs much deeper. So what happens on these outer extremities of the river, is it carves a new path. And this allows in the following year, more water to go down to the extremities and the center will start to dry up and lessen. So that you end up, over several years, to have 2 rivers, one on each extreme of the bank. And then the center will begin to dry up. Now depending on how bad it is, how deep it is, will depend on how many years it takes to be corrected. But that is the basic idea. That’s what happens.


Now at the moment, there is some really bad floods that are extremely bad. And I can see just nature at the moment, I can’t sort of see the people,.. But let me just see if I can see them. They are saying it’s irrelevant. And it’s healed by the process, which is what they wanted us to see, was how nature looks after itself.


Spirit:  To continue with that, we’ve shown you were huge amounts of energy are kept, which the divas can now use to change whatever is needed in nature etc. We have shown you how we can interfere, if you like. Giving a little bit of energy when it’s needed, to control how nature looks after itself and the renewal of nature.  And how it’s now going to affect people, if you just take as an example, of the people in Pakistan; they are used to living in communities. And in a community, you get to know the people in the next village on either side of you, or above or below, or whichever. Close by, let’s say within 50km proximity. So the communities all intermingle and they get along very nicely. Now what  happens when you have a disaster like this and they have to move away, is they go off and they create brand new communities. And those brand-new communities are started with the right sort of people that we want, to start a community. So it’s a little bit of evolving, a little bit of improving. So let’s say what they have learnt is that we mustn’t camp right next to the river and now we are going to move inland a little bit more. So the communities will all move off into one area. And as with any group, you find within the group, there are some people who people see as a leader and they follow them. And those are the ones that normally have the correct wisdom.

So what happens is they will move toward inland, away from rivers. And they will start of community. But it will be a different way of thinking all together. If you just take the fishing for example which will be their main diet of fish, now that is going to change a little bit because they are inland.


I’m just giving you rough sort of examples here. So, all over Pakistan, all over the other areas, they will all move out and start these new communities.

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