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1041 Refuges camps level the playing fields

Then you get something like refugee camps. And they are, at the moment, all over the world. Syria there’s some huge ones, Turkey, all sorts, there’s just refugee camps everywhere. Now what happens with those. You’ve got people who are mainly living on the poverty line before they had to leave wherever. A lot of course aren’t refugees that can move into society. And they tend to move into society, which suits them at their particular level. You wouldn’t get for instance, we will simplify it as a lower-class person moving into Beverley hills, it just doesn’t work that way. So again, what they will do there is they will set up their own communities and where you get a refugee camp, that is sort of a halfway point. So what happens in these camps is you get the same sort of people banding together but they all have a similar fear. And the fear is what’s driven them out of whatever country they have been driven out of. And the fears might be attacks from rebels, from soldiers, from ISIS, from poverty, from floods, from all sorts of things. So they end up in refugee camps. And what these are, are basically, you could say they are cleansing points. So, the poor refugees get there and they are in dire straits and they have very little money and they don’t know what to do etc. And they mingle with all the other refugees. And what it does, it’s a bit of an equalizer. It sort of balances people. You know “we are all in the same boat, we are all desperate”. Now let’s work together and try and get out of here. They don’t work together all that much. But they have similarities. They can understand each other. They are all in the same boat.


So what they do is, it sort of settles them down. They calm down. Then they have to decide what they are going to do and they work out how to do it. And they can be absolutely broke, and they will find a way of getting out there and getting back on their feet and so on. As everybody does in one way or another. Those that have money will go off to different countries. And those that don’t have money will find work and they will progress and they will develop. So, this is a way of new societies being created, new groups of people being created. Which will all benefit different countries that they go into and so on.


S: And the energies will still be linked, because you think of others. And you know it’s like that, you know when you leave some people and you go and do your thing, and then you think of those people and you wonder how they are doing? And the energy still connects to them.


Yes, that’s quite right.


S: so the energy still flows their way.


Now the interesting part about this is by their coming together, all in one group, it balances them, it calms them down. And it allows them to think and plan and so on, even though they are having extremely hard times. It’s in a way, a safe haven for them, considering where they have come from.


S: yes, a safe space.

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