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1042 Homeless people in the UK

I want to talk a little bit about homeless people. If you take, let’s just take  England, which is a first world country. There is a lot of homeless people, and when they become homeless, it’s been… often it’s abuse, it can be drug abuse, alcohol abuse, all sorts of things. But they end up on the streets, homeless. Some, they have run out of money, they have no choice, they just have to buy a tent or live in a car. There’s nothing else they can do. It’s very very difficult for them to get back on their feet, once they have reached this homeless stage. So what happens with the homeless stage, is you get the same sort of thing, you get groups joining together. And you’ll find that they are very helpful towards each other. Because they understand each other. They understand the desperation that that person has gone through, to eventually end up being a homeless person.


S: And there’s no judgement, it’s just…


No judgement at all, yes. And they can become very very good souls. Because what they find is that they are totally detached from the world around them. They are isolated, they have no money, they have no career, all they have is their pride.


S: Nothing means anything.


That’s right. But then the small things do. And then it’s not just small things, I’m not talking about the food and meals and so on, I’m talking about interaction with others, camaraderie. They live a completely separate life but in a way, it becomes a very comfortable life. When they first move into that life, it’s desperation and they are not sure what to do. And as it goes on, they learn more, they adjust more, they put up with more. And then they can appreciate more. And so it goes on. Now, some of them will move out, they will get to a stage through whatever reason, where they can get back into society. And if they do that, they do get back into society, they think of things a totally different way. There is no more career or ego, or exaggeration sort of thing. But they tend to live a very down to earth, very basic, a very rewarding life. But few do that. The main reason of course that they go through this is lessons that they chose.


S: Yes.


And they can be very hard lessons, but along the way they learn things totally different and unexpected.

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