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1043 Orphanages

Now let’s have a look at orphanages. Now children that are orphaned during a war, is probably a very good example, they go through this horrible trauma of losing their parents or their family. And to be 5,6,7,8,9,10, to lose your family is just everything, that is their whole life. That is what surrounds them all the time. To lose it, it leaves them totally isolated. And what happens then, is people step in, and they feel so sorry for them, which is the wrong energy but… they love them and they help them and they nurture them and so on and so on. They do get looked after but they’ve got this sort of permanent scar and it takes them a long, long time to get over it. So they are in maybe a foster home, or maybe they are in a foster family. But imagine, to lose your whole family, everything, your whole life, just changed and suddenly nothing is recognizable anymore. Not the same house, not the same toys, not the same everything, you’ve lost everything. And you are living in a totally different environment with different values and different all sorts. And you have to sort of start to learn again and fit in. But what happens is the children feel very isolated for a long time. And it takes the right sort of person to be able to understand the child and look after the child and just love it so much unconditionally. And eventually that love is reciprocated. What’s hard of course is when they are in a foster home, and they can spend years in a foster home just waiting for somebody to love them, to pick them up, love them and so on. And they can become very hardened. They have a great camaraderie with the group that are there, the people in the foster home. But then those children, one at a time they leave and move on. And if you are not chosen, you could be there until you are 18 or more.


S: And that causes more emotions. Unwantedness, rejection.


Yes. absolutely. Very difficult to deal with, very difficult. But again, it’s something that they chose. But when they then move into society, let’s say they reach 18 and they find a job, they start to work and they’ve had this upbringing in an orphanage after losing their parents, or for whatever reason, they tend to become very hard. And the reason for that is because they have been dealt such a bad hand very early on. And it’s very difficult for them to find happiness, comfort and to look forward to things with enthusiasm. It just takes an awful lot out of them. And what is really nice is then they find a partner, and a partner they fall in love with.  And they are always very wary, they have this fear of something bad happening to them, but it is a very beautiful thing for them. It doesn’t always work out because of their fear and there is very little that can be done about that.

Now, if we have a look at a situation, if we take a country, Syria is a good example, where there’s been a war for 2 years, there are so many orphans out there, so many orphans. And they can change societies. To exaggerate a point, if you took all the orphans and put them in one country, it would affect the balance of that country. So, even a few in an area, will affect the balance. Because it affects those children around them. They tend to alienate those children. They don’t feel wanted. They have got to fit in. And you know what children are like, they can be very cruel at times. So it’s very hard for them to fit in. So they need an awful lot of nurturing. But everybody does their best there.

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