Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1044 Communicating easier with those on the other side

Now this is quite amazing. I’ve just seen the face of a woman I haven’t thought about since I lived in Jersey. There were two women in Jersey, a woman and her mother. I was 20, the woman would be 45, 50, the mother in her 70’s. They were Spanish, that’s right, and they taught me to make Paella. I can’t actually remember where they met me, or how they fit in or whatever. I just remember the two of them And I remember them teaching me how to make Paella. That was quite something. Now I’ve just seen her face, the daughter, so she has obviously crossed over. But as clear as a bell. And I honestly haven’t thought of them since the day I left Jersey. That was about 50-60 years ago. And it was just ‘hello’, that’s all.


Spirit: Ok, there’s a bit more to it. The journey that the two of you have embarked on. This helping the world with the change and so on and so on. It’s going to raise your vibrations quite a lot. And as time goes on, your vibrations will get higher and higher. What will happen, is you’ve met a lot of people in the past, who have passed over. A lot of them you know who have passed over, friends of yours, colleagues and so on. But there are also those that you have met but haven’t realised that have passed over. Like this woman, her name is Maria. So as both of  you will be working, you will be connecting to people who have passed over. It’s sort of becoming closer and closer. If you can imagine the gap between yourselves here on an Earthly level, then you’ve got the Grayland’s and then you’ve got the spiritual level above. That is the way you see it in your minds. Imagine the greylands becoming smaller and smaller and smaller, so the gap, now it’s a couple of inches wide.


So you are going to be much much closer to the other side and you’ll be able to communicate much easier with the other side, but what you’ll be doing is seeing people that you know that have crossed over on the other side. More, as just a matter of course. For instance, you’ve got your close friends here that have passed over in the last few years. You’ll be getting to see them sort of popping in and out and getting their opinion on things and so on. And will just sense them being around a lot of the time. And a lot of them have, they help with specific things to do with the change. As you know, your friend Reg, helps with animals. So he is going to be helping with that. And he will pop in and help you when you are at that level. And lots of others help in different ways. Don’t be surprised to see them just pop in, help you with something and off they go again because that is just the simple way it is going to be done.

Your connection is going to be so much closer so it’s a much easier thing to do. It’s like having someone in the next room, where he just shouts across and says what you need to do. Very simple. That was very nice and that was why Maria came along, just to say hello and she hasn’t seen you for many many years.

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