Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1045  Divas pop in and say Hi

I can feel Mom around me, but at a distance. I can see the area Sharon, that you have on your right. You’ve had it before, which is a clear space surrounded by people right behind. So I think maybe this one is for you. See what you can see there.


I think what you have Sharon, is a lot of nature spirits in a semi-circle, to your right. So you’ve got this open space and you’ve got them on the other side.


S: I can feel them all over my right side. All over my head and my hair. My right leg, the whole right side of my body.


G: Ok, in that case, what they want to do is communicate. I think it’s  with your mind and with the work that you do. So maybe you can tell us what they are saying, what they want to say.


It’s too cute, I’ve got them here too.


S: It’s such a beautiful feeling. It’s funny, it’s easier for them to work with nature than it is for them to work with humans because they don’t deal with all the emotions and judgements and those energies. Nature just simply is.


G: Mmm, tranquility.


S: yes.


G: I think after a storm we will be able to sense the tranquility a lot better than we use to.

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