Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1048   Cats and Dogs are sent down as groups  (Part 2) then you create

So, if you look at it from our point of view up here, obviously we’ve been through everything that you’re going through right now, plus much, much more. And we are now growing, players, growing societies in a better and better way all the time. So, we can experiment, for want of a better word, we can choose different methods of growth and different scenarios and all these different possibilities to find out what is the best way to evolve, to create and so on. So. 


S: It’s like a more intensive monopoly, really. Lol.


Spirit: lol. You could put it that way, yes. Lol. But the nice part is that time means absolutely nothing.


S: Yeah, that’s a bonus.


Spirit: So, we can take whatever time is needed according to your time values and just create what we think.


S: That is a bonus.


Spirit: And the beauty of it is being able to create. And your excitement on your planet, for example, would be winning a lottery, getting married, all these beautiful things that can happen to you. Our excitement up here is being able to create a new species, to find a shortcut, to change something, to improve something. And that’s what gives us satisfaction and enables us to make a better world for so many people to come.


Because, as we’ve pointed out before, it’s not a matter of just creating change for one generation, it’s going to be passed on to many generations.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, that’s the beauty of doing it, the way we do it up here. This is nothing, I keep using the term up here. Because don’t forget, I’m using the terms which Geoff has in his mind, which he’s experienced, and what you have as well. There’s no point in us giving you something else which you don’t really understand. And we use the term up here because you’re always using the term, you cross over to heaven, etc.


S: Yeah, relate it.


Spirit: Yeah, so you can relate to it. But when you actually, where is heaven, it’s actually, it does not exist. It does not exist as you see it, but you have to keep talking about crossing over, being accepted into heaven, etc. It’s all really a creation.


S: It’s only where the mind can perceive it, or comprehend it.


Spirit: Yes, because that’s the way you’ve been taught.


S: Yes.


Spirit; There’s no point in teaching you otherwise.


S: Yes, you are right. It’s enough turning them around against anything else. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. So you can imagine right now, if you think of heaven for example right now, and cross over into it. But you can think of it right now, we can create it right now, right in front of you.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So it could be right around you, right next to you, but you know that it is not at all. And as we looked into the future, to see the whole of the future could be the size of a pinprick, lol,


S: Lol. yes.


Spirit: Everything is nothing and so on.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So it’s simply a matter of creation of the mind. So it’s something that we’ve created, that we take people up to. Again, that is something which changes all the time as well, as we learn more. If you can imagine, let’s say you cross over, or you come up to heaven today, and you go back to your higher self. You’ll be learning at a level of XYZ. But when you do it in a thousand years’ time, you’ll be learning at a totally different level. So heaven will change.


S: But everything is evolving.


Spirit: Yes, everything is evolving. And where you go when you cross over to heaven, we have to create different scenarios as we evolve, as you evolve. And as we were saying the other day, if you cross over as a Muslim, or a Jewish, or a Satanist, everything has to change all the time to suit you. And then there’s millions of individuals coming up here, and they all have to be interlinked, intermingled and sorted out and so on. Which you simply do with thought, thought is creation, as you know.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, heaven is all around you, it’s all part of you, and you’re all part of it. So again, everything is one.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: Everything. I think that is enough for you for this evening, lol.


S: Now, I can just feel so much energy around me. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. Thank you.


S: That’s beautiful.


Spirit: thank you once again, for allowing me to visit and to show you all of this. Until we meet again. And goodnight.


S: Thank you. Thank you and good night.

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