Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1049  Guides putting memories into small animals to help evolve with the change  (Part 1)

G: Right, this won’t go away, so let’s go with it. I’m now seeing hundreds of piglets, but they’re all black. And there’s many of them. So there must be more to it. So I’m going to go in the middle of all these piglets.  And it’s like it’s just dawn, I’m sitting in the middle of a field. I’m surrounded by these mini piglets. Many mini piglets. Lol.


S: Many mini piglets.


G: And I’ve got people’s faces.


S: For me, at the same time, I was getting yellow, like a luminous energy. And then the luminous went. And then it was just yellow.


G: Yellow luminous is memories of spiritual stuff. Which makes sense because that would fit in with… See, what I’ve got is this field full of mini black piglets. And on the outskirts, the edge, the outer piglet, the big circle around us, has a picture of a face on, but it is grey. Like a grey photograph, it’s just a face. Then you come up with that memory. So for some reason, this memory is put into these little piglets.


So why would memories we put into the souls of new piglets? And it’s for the change, of course, it is. Okay, so, okay, that makes more sense now. It’s no good having animals, just grow. And, you know, first of all, we looked at the tadpoles and insects and birds, etc. Now we’re looking at starting off at puppies and kittens and so on. There’s no point in having them start on their own and then learn.


S: Yeah.


G: So they need to start with more information, not just of the past, of going through an insect tadpole period. They’ve already got that, that’s built into them. But they need to be adjusted because they’re now going to… their next step is going to be a human one. So they need to learn to be an adjusted human and not as a human was maybe a century or two ago. That make sense?


S: Mmm. As an evolved human, or the latest human.


Spirit: Yes, they’ve evolved, of course. So that’s why they’ve got to learn. That’s why you get the memories. The people in the back have the memories and they simply put that into or it’s symbolically put into it. That’s right. It’s not people putting it in, it’s symbolically put in basically by us, an automated process I should imagine.


Okay, again you have guides looking after groups etc. And you have guides looking after the animals and so on. So they would put it in, they would adjust because they look after the evolving of the animals and they go from one generation to the next. So they put in these memories so that the animals can learn and progress. And with that, all the little black piglets turn white and disappear. Okay, we’ve got that one, very good.

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