Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1051  Guides putting memories into Fish to help evolve with the change  (Part 3) Very good

Spirit: Good. Now, maybe we should look at the ocean. Now, the ocean works basically the same as nature. It interacts with the tides and wind and so on. That, of course, moves hot and cold water around the planet. It moves positive and negative energy. And at the same time, the species are evolving and changing the same as they do in land-based animals. So, they change all the time. A majority, a very big amount of the change is simply unseen because over 90% of the ocean hasn’t been discovered yet. And things can go on down there which you won’t even need to know about. There can be a lot of adjusting, changing and so on, and creating new things. And there’s a lot of energy sources down there. There’s a lot of mechanical things down there which simply aren’t going to be used, or are being used, but they will be known and are needed for the evolvement for the next few hundred years here.


So, the fish species, the sea species, that just carries on evolving, changing, and that does it mainly in groups. Because, again, you don’t have fish with individual souls. You have groups of them. That’s why they all migrate at once to specific places. They all know where to go. And they are, if you like, one giant, one enormous group of each particular species is the best way to look at it.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: And, of course, that evolves changes because all of them, all the time, are picking up little bits of pieces of extra information. If you just take eels, for example, they all breed in one specific area and then they go back to their rivers and streams all over the world. It takes them years sometimes to get back there. And they’re all one species. And they all pick up bits of information about the rivers they go to, the problems, the solutions, the food, everything in their chain. And all that information goes back to one particular group.


You don’t have, in this particular case, a heaven for them all to go to. They don’t have a higher self. The higher self is the group that’s there. So if you take eels, for example, the higher self of the eels is actually the group itself. And various eels will die, be born, will carry on going, and it’s just the one single entity which carries on growing, progressing, etc. Ok?


S: Yeah.


Spirit:  Same with the fish and so on. So, where you get something which suddenly, let’s say, needs to become extinct, let’s say the blue whale became extinct for whatever reason, that one group energy will get down to the last particular whale. And when that is killed, then that will simply transfer into something else. And it will become another new energy maybe, maybe in a different planet, it can be transferred, etc. Because there’s an awful lot of knowledge obtained there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, it’ll be something which will relate to something close to the blue whale. They can even amalgamate, which they do, share information, join forces, all sorts of things.


Right, let’s go beneath the earth. We’ll just look at the evolvement there. And that is pretty much the same thing. Now you understand how the whole thing works. It’s basically the same beneath the earth, where you get all the different insects and animals in caves and rivers below the earth. And that will again work together, all one group energy. Each particular species is one group energy.

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