Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1052 How animals will evolve with climate change

G: What I can see ahead of me is a bit like when we look out the window here when the sun goes down. It’s just a nice sunny horizon.


S: Yeah.


G: And this horizon is slightly purple, a light plum colour you might say. Let me see what it’s used for. I’m sure E can tell us.


S: Mmm. E’s not here tonight. In the beginning I got that colour and then nothing from there. But I feel like I’ve gone to another planet and come back.


G: Okay.


S: So saying that..


G: That’s highly possible.


S: Because I don’t feel like I’ve been here at all.


G: You just don’t listen to me, do you? Lol.


S: No, but I’ve been talking to you. And when I’m talking to you, I know I’m talking to you. That’s so freaky. But then suddenly you’re like, “…” and I must be here and she must be here. And then I’m just like, no, this is not happening. Lol.


G: lol.


S: But I swear, it’s like, it’s beautiful actually. But no, I don’t even remember where you were at.


G: We were talking about how animals evolve and fish evolve.


S: Yeah, that’s right.


G: Piglets and memories.


S: Yeah, no, I got all that.


G: Looking at the horizon with this light plum colour, I think it’s something to do with a change of… it’s to do with animal evolvement somehow.


S: Animals work on such a group energy.


G: Yeah.


S: Which makes it easier for them.


G: Maybe it’s to do with the change and how animals are going to change dramatically.


S: Yeah.


G: Oh, yeah, I got it. Climate change.


S: Climate.


G: Yeah, climate change. So, there’s all these different animals, they’re huge group energies. One sort of species that all carry on just plodding along day after day and just growing and so on. Now what’s coming up is a big change. Well, in the last couple of years there’s been a big change with climate change, with the floods and the high temperatures and this that and the other. And what that’s doing is, it’s changing their future, their way forward, their evolving. And because that’s changing, they will have to change farther down the road. I don’t know, just a thought or an example. If you have too much drought, you can have less insects, for example. Less water on the earth, you get less worms, that sort of thing.


S: Yeah.


G: Therefore, you would need to see which of the insects or animals were going to be made obsolete. And therefore, you need the new ones to take their place. Because you’ve got to have this structure where everything circulates and looks after each other. If you take bees, for example, out of the equation, you need something to replace that. So you either give one of the existing animals, birds, insects or whatever, additional powers, benefits, or you create a new one.


Now, to create a new one is very simple because there are lots of creatures that have not yet been discovered.


S: Yeah.


G: Especially as we were saying earlier, in the ocean there’s plenty of them. So there’s plenty of ways of correcting the balance of nature when it’s needed. That’s a very simple process. So I think maybe this plum colour is just an overall way for us to look at it. Maybe they’re just showing us, telling us that this is what’s going to happen. And that was just a clue to get in and see that.


Yeah, they are saying, yeah, that’s all there is to it. Okay, you’re on the right track. So, again, what we’re seeing now is we’re just seeing this picture of Earth and the planet growing and growing all the time. All these different energies and the way things are put together. We’re seeing and understanding more, our inner selves, our souls, if you like, are seeing more. Yet, we don’t need to understand it, we just need to have that information inside of us. Now, they cannot put, this is very interesting, they cannot put information inside of us without explaining to us what it is. Because then we simply wouldn’t know, we would protect it. How about that?


S: That makes sense.


G: So they’re telling us this sort of stuff and we won’t be using it. We won’t be seeing these colours and saying, oh, the animals are about to change, etc. But inside we have that knowledge that it is happening. And if it’s needed at any stage in the future, on the surface, we can find it there. We have to have all of that information in us to be able to perform what we’re supposed to be doing.


S; Shew.


G: Yay! And we get a round of applause.


S: lol.


G: That’s excellent.


S: Oh, my gosh.

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