Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1053 Aiden and his abilities

G: Now, there’s a bit of serious stuff here to do with Aiden. And what they’re showing me is… How they show me is like a river, six foot wide, of all the colours. Just going from behind me to in front of me, through you, for miles down the road.

That’s our path, that’s the path of you and me. And on the left is Aiden in a smaller river, which is not a river yet, it’s just a bubble. And the first half is black. And the blackness is simply, he doesn’t understand yet, hasn’t learned enough yet, etc. And they’re saying that he will. They’re saying don’t worry, because he will join up farther down the road. You don’t have to worry about it yet. What you’re going through now is trials and tribulations. You have all these different abilities within you. And what they’re saying is don’t think about looking after Aiden as you’ve been advised, instructed, told or whatever. Use your instincts. And you have all these abilities, you use the instincts. They’ll simply filter through to Aiden and correct the imbalance which is there at the moment. And they’re saying that in the nicest way, but you understand that it is an imbalance to the way he’s growing up.


S: Mmm. Okay.


G: But they’re saying don’t be concerned now. You have a nun? A nurse. You know the old-fashioned nurses with the blue sort of head thing that came down to the shoulders? Like from World War II.


S: Yeah.


G: You’ve got one of those. And she’s behind Aiden to the left and she’s got her hand on his right shoulder blade and his left shoulder blade. And she’s steering  him in the right direction. And she’s saying that we must get all of this out. And once we get it out, then it can be replaced with better things. And she said she’s going to work on that and they will suck energy from you. Because you have that ability and it’s magnified because you are a mother. And you need a bit of each, a bit of the mother energy, a bit of the energy that you’ve got at the moment. And he will get sorted out, put in the right direction, etc.


Now let me just see if I can see a little bit more. Okay, the back half of him is black. The front half is all these colours, but at the moment they’re not going in a line. They’re going in all different directions. So he needs to sort out these colours. And once he can sort them out, then he’s happy that they’re sorted out. So he’s going to do it one colour at a time. It’s not going to be a sudden change to ‘ah ok, it all works now”. It’s going to be okay, this one works. I’m going to do this for a while. And this one works. I’m going to do that for a while. And over the next period, year or so, all these things will be corrected. But what you will get is a relief, first of all.


So there’s, inside him, there is very much a turmoil. Let me just see if I can see what this turmoil is. It’s sort of showing me inside him. I’m looking down on this big bubble, which is Aiden. A lot of black colours in front, et cetera. And inside is an empty room. And in the middle is Aiden in this empty room. And he’s got all these abilities, but doesn’t really know how to use them. That’s what it seems to be. And he’s only operating the ones that he knows.  And he’s afraid, in a way, to touch the others. In case they’re not as good as he thinks they should be, if that makes sense. He’s got to look at more. It’s the ones that are in front of him that he’s got to change. He can’t see all these colours in front of him. He can only see a bit of a mess. And he’s got this fear. Let’s see where this fear comes from. It’s like he’s… I’m trying to explain this in a different way. Let’s say your Aiden’s in the driving seat of a car. The car doesn’t have a windscreen. And you are on the other side, you’re at the end of the bonnet. He keeps reaching through the windscreen. He doesn’t want to lose you, doesn’t want you to fall off or move away or whatever. And he’s getting more and more angry with these things in front of him. And that’s what’s causing the confusion.


And what we’ve got to do is explain to him that the things in front of him are not an obstacle. He must just go through or go open the door and get out or reach forward or extend his arms or whatever. Or pull you into the car, all sorts of things. And he’s got to… That’s what he has to learn. And that will calm everything down. So it’s a fear of losing you. And the arguing is… It doesn’t make sense, but the fear of losing you is correct. The arguing is to… He doesn’t want to make a mistake that loses you. So he’s trying to cover all the bases and make sure everything is perfect. What he’s doing is basically screwing everything up.


So, he needs more… This nurse is saying, okay, hold on, you know too much here. And she says, leave it to me. Us moms know what you’re doing here. So between you and the nurse, she says she’ll look after it. You just stay away, grandpa. Lol. Leave it to us. We’ve got this.


S: Lol.


G: Okay, get the message. Anyway, you’re doing okay now. So, no, totally poof, gone. I’ve been kicked out. Lol.


S: Aw, grandpa. Lol.


G: Damn, and I was doing so well. Lol.


S: You’ve been completely ousted.


G: Anyway. So what you do is find his fears and you can sort them out.


S: Yeah.


G: Well, that was fun.  

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