Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1054  Using insects to change energy to positive

G: We did the red sky last night, didn’t we? On the horizon, we saw a plum-colored sky.


S: Mmm.


G: I think it was the change in the animal kingdom but we wouldn’t need it, if I remember.


S: I can’t even remember.


G: Anyway, I’ve got the same thing, so let’s just go and see. Now, I’ve got green grass on the bank, lots of insects, on the left, I’ve got some wooden sheds, which seem to be sort of going on forever.

This is going to be weird. Which is not unusual, but I’ll just go in and see what happens.


S: Yeah.


G: The first thing I got was the nuclear power station in Ukraine, which is at the center of controversy. Because both Russia and Ukraine are blaming each other for shelling it. And, if it gets hit, it’s going to be an absolute disaster. Worse than Chernobyl. And this bank, with all the insects, is on one side of this thing. And basically what they’re saying is, in extreme conditions, extreme situations, they are able to use those from the insect, animal or nature world to benefit what we need, to save disasters and allow progress and evolving to continue.


Spirit: Now this is an extreme case, I’m just showing you this, to show what can be done, what we could possibly do. But, like I said, this is an extreme case, it’s just a scenario, it’s not going to happen, it’s just as a scenario.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So, when you have all these insects and so on below, they can do quite a bit of damage to a building, and they can also correct things which are out of balance, and water flows and all sorts of things. So, anyway, that’s really all I wanted to say about that one.


S: That’s interesting though, it makes sense.


Spirit: Yeah, we have to, we control the overall thing. We’ve shown you all the different forms and layers of energy and how they move around, and how we’ve now brought in memories from the past so we can change the energies. And now I’m showing you how the extremes can work together. We don’t allow people to see this, obviously, we just need to be able to control the planet so that we don’t, in a way, waste our time and have to take a few steps backwards. But it’s a very simple process, and we have the ability and the means to make the changes without really affecting anybody. The insects wouldn’t be too concerned. Lol.

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