Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1055  Blue and Maroon Aliens connecting and discussing abducting (Very good)

Spirit: Now, I’m connecting up to a few of my associates, you’d call them, from other planets, just to give you a bit of information about, you’ve been looking into aliens recently.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: And those of us from different planets. We all intermingle, we all go to different planets, different dimensions, when it’s necessary, when we need to evolve to the next level. It depends who is doing what, and of course, there are just millions and millions of different planets where we have societies growing at all sorts of different levels. So you can say basically we are all aliens because we all move around so much.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: What you have on this Earth at the moment is quite a collection of aliens, and mainly they come to learn, some come to guide. And as I’ve just explained, where we get an extreme case with nature, with this nuclear power station, the same thing happens with an advanced race of aliens. Now you can imagine our benefit of having somebody here who is many levels ahead of anybody on Earth, simply to be able to guide, move around our energies, to change things as you’ve seen that you can possibly do. But at a much higher level, it simply allows us to enable the Earth, the society, to continue to evolve without any drawbacks, without having to take a couple of steps back.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So there’s quite a few here, and they belong to several planets, and very few are known. And of course what they do as well is they learn, although they are very advanced, they learn how we are evolving, because if you can imagine that when they went through this stage on Earth, it was slightly different to what it is now. So they have evolved to, let’s say, a date of 2020 on a different planet, where the evolution was slightly different and grew a different way. For instance, you didn’t have the two world wars. And so they are very interested to see how we have evolved on this planet.


S: Okay.


Spirit: So we all swap information that way. And of course this all goes into their, what you would term as their higher selves, into their memory banks. So they are able to make changes, and quietly make changes, not affecting free will, on the planets that they look after. Now where you get aliens that are known down here, there have been a lot of instances where aliens have come down and talked to locals. You’ve heard talk of abductions and so on. They are not really abductions. Time is totally different, and they will, for instance, borrow somebody for a short space of time. And most of the time they don’t have any memory of it afterwards, and some occasionally do, because there are always mistakes made and so on.


But if you think about how difficult it is for you to convince somebody else that you talked to somebody on our side, how difficult it is for people to believe that you were abducted by an alien. Lol.


S: Yeah. And for others to believe them.


Spirit: Quite right, yes. That’s how it gets… but there is far more that goes on than you realise. You have bumped into various aliens, and not that there are a lot, few and far between, but they are there, and they do have their uses and so on.


On another level down. The level we’ve just been discussing, you would see as light blue. My associates from different planets, that’s our basic colour, light blue. On the next level down is a sort of a maroon colour, and this overall… it fits in with what you saw just now, and yesterday, where on the horizon, you see, some different colour.


The colours you see on the horizon, it like that but a little bit darker, so it’s a maroon colour and it covers all the animals and nature and how they develop. Exactly the same thing happens with people who are at the top of their level, associates if you like at that particular level, all share, and they have their groups which come down. Not so much a group, you wouldn’t have a group of birds, a flock of birds for example, but you would have a memory. How would I put this?


Let’s simplify it, and say you have one bird which was an alien compared to the rest, simply to come down to gather the information. So in each group there is access to send information back to an overall gardener, to use your term, that will help with growth in the future.


Now, if I can just take you to a final stage, to finish off this energy and how we operate. And it’s been going on for many, many weeks, and each time you’ve been given a little bit more and so on.

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