Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1057  Khalif promises to talk on religion

Now, I get Khalif. K-H-A-L-I-F. And Khalif is, it’s not a person, it’s a title, such as King Premier. It’s a ruler. I’m sure I spoke to this person many years ago. And if I remember, it was 1538 or 1358. Anyway, not important. And he will be talking to us tomorrow, to take us on the path of religions. How they were formed, how they got to the stage that they are at, how they will be evolving. And some, and some ways that we must change what is going on in some particular areas at the moment.


We’re talking about the Middle East, Arab areas, and that’s what he has been looking after for many centuries. And I think he just wanted to introduce himself, to remind me that we do, that I have met him before and I do know him.


S: A connection from before.


G: Yeah, and he will, he says he looks forward to talking to you as well, Sharon, and sharing what he has. And he gets satisfaction from letting us see his history and how things have progressed to date, what he’s looked after and what he’s done and so on. So that’s…, he’s going to enjoy doing that, he’s going to enjoy talking to us in exactly the same as No Name did, and he looks forward to what his name is going to be and you can always call him Khalif, but anything else is also good. Lol.


 If we look up on the tapes that I’ve done in the past, we will find the meditation, and that will be the starting point.


S: Okay.


G: Everything for a reason, and of course time being different over there, to be able to talk those days, many years ago, and then talk again now, is to them totally different in time.


S: You’ve evolved, yeah.


G: Lol. Evolved yeah.


S: Different people, different space, different place.


G: Yeah, that’s good. So he looks forward to that and as instructed by the previous speaker, lol…



S:.Lol. We look very forward to it, and good night.


G: Good night.


S: They really are being told off, hey.


G: Lol. Nice, it’s great. Khalif.

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