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1060 Khalif talks about Aboriginals

Khalif: Ok. I’d like to share a little bit about Aborigines in Australia. Now, that was a tribe that we let continue to develop for a long, long time. And basically in the beginning, they had very little, they were basically born in the bush out in the middle of nowhere, or the outback as they would call it. They lived in the mountains, they lived off the land, and they lived off nature, and their great belief was in nature. And they became at one with nature, and they were very satisfied in the life, the existence that they had. Very content.


And when it came to, they lived in tribes basically, and when it came to the elders and dying and so on, they had their beliefs that the person who died would go back to wander the outback and always be there, and they would be the ones that would look after the nature in the future. And that’s how they thought. And they would worship nature, they would hold dances and celebrations, and they used to drink a lot as well, that was a very good enjoyment for them, lol. They used to feast and basically celebrate the life of somebody.


S: Celebrate, yeah.


Khalif: And the way they viewed that was the people who had lived a life living off the land, living off nature, although they had a comfortable existence, were now going back to the mother of nature. They would go back to live amongst nature peacefully, in harmony with nature. And so, therefore, they were very satisfied. And going back, they could then oversee, overlook the continued growth of the people and the planet that they lived on as much as they knew. So that was a belief. That’s basically on near enough right up to today.


Western religions came along in the 18th century,19th century, and they were very misunderstood. They were seen as being very primitive. In actual fact, they were far more advanced than the people who came along with the new religions. But advanced in a different way, they were far more content in the life that they had. They were very good at looking after themselves, of getting enough food, of not overdoing anything in the land. They wouldn’t kill too many other specific species of animals. They would move camps where they had to. And they would look after nature because nature was looking after them. They believed they were part of nature.


When they had these celebrations, they would drink too much. They would take hallucinogenic mushrooms, for example, and various herbs. And they would, as you would take cannabis, for example, you take too much and you get on a bit of a high, and then you’re able to connect. And they would then believe that they could connect to their ancestors. And that’s when they could actually connect. But because they believed that they were connecting to their ancestors, we’d have to show ourselves to them as their ancestors.


Same as we discussed the other day, if you believe you want to be helped by an angel, that’s how we would portray ourselves.  And that’s what we have to do to allow them to continue along this path of worshipping nature and helping nature.


Now also what we learnt, which was very beneficial, with them looking after nature, and being at one with nature, they would leave an energy of nature in that particular area. The energy that they left behind was a nature energy. Does that make sense?


S: Yeah, yep.


Khalif: Okay. So what they were doing was basically helping the divas and so on to keep things correct, to keep the rainfall and the balance and the rivers and everything correct, and they created all this energy to help do that. So the areas where they lived, was that little bit better than the rest of the areas.

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