Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1062 Khalif talks about Bushmen

Khalif: Now, we’ll just do one more quickly. We’ll just do the bushmen, and then I think that will be it, for tonight. Bushmen developed over the years. A very, very, very old tribe. And I won’t go back right to the beginning, but when they started to develop, they again worked with nature, and being in the desert, there were a few more forests and so on, many, many, many centuries ago, but more recently what’s happened is they were brought up in the desert. They had to look after themselves. They’d have to find water and game and places to live and so on. So, it’s a bit like the Red Indians. They would move camp, and they got to understand their land, their nature, and they became very comfortable, again, just looking at nature, and being fed from nature and living and enjoying each particular day.


And if you can imagine that if you’re brought up as a bushman, and you don’t see any other form of civilization, what we might think is a very hard life, they think is just the norm, because all they had to concern themselves with is basically hunting and water. They grew very little. There were some various parts of ground there that they could use, and they learned how to use them. And hunting, of course, provided meat and skins and oils and basically everything they needed, just those.


And they were satisfied to continue and just develop that particular way. Now, what’s very interesting there is that their bodies became very strong, and whereas our bodies, or your bodies, have become very weak, in Western society, their bodies are still very strong in combating illnesses, because they’ve had so many illnesses, they’ve created their own defenses against them, and they’ve progressed, and in their DNA, which is passed on from one generation to the next, it’s become very, very strong, very healthy. And if your Western surgeons were to get hold of, and wish to just look at their DNA and their bodies and so on, the ones that are truly Bushmen, then they would be quite amazed at the strength of each of the organs. And how they have such low blood pressure and such a comfortable existence. Again, they’re extremely healthy.


Right, I think that’s enough for one evening. It’s taken me a little bit longer than I thought.


S: That was awesome.


Khalif: It’s been most enjoyable, and most enjoyable recalling all of this, and passing it on to you.


S: It’s been lovely, lovely tapping into it all, the energy, and you can understand why things go down, or just how it just simply happens by mistake. And then you’ve got to change it. It’s like putting a law out and then going, oh, oh, actually no, you can’t change it.


Khalif: Yeah.


S: So it happens too fast, or it just happens by ego, and then you realise, and then it can’t be changed, and it just sticks.


Khalif Yes, and it happens over long periods as well. It just gets worse and worse. And that is why what you were discussing a few days ago about honesty is so, so very important. If there were, if there was complete honesty, as there was in many of these tribes, then the information passed down, from one to the next, would be correct.


S: That would be correct. That’s right. Actually, that’s a good point.


Khalif: Very much so. A very good story you can write for that. But thank you once again for listening, and thank you for having me.


S: Thank you so much.


Khalif: And, as instructed. Good night.


S: Good night. Lol.




S: Phew. They’re still in this room. It’s like taking in all the energy and the words, just saying it just goes back to nothing matters, and it all just stems from how we make everything mean so much.


G: Absolutely.


S: People are the problem because they continuously seek outside of themselves for the answer. God didn’t build a forking church or temple. He gave you a body. Your body is your temple.


G: Yeah.


S: And everything else is man-made, and everyone’s looking outside, and you’ve got to have someone to follow, and someone’s got to be bigger, better, and bolder than them, and then someone to look up to, and someone to follow.


G: But, again, that is what evolving is.


S: Well, not someone to be under, and not someone to rule them.


G: No, but you’ve got to make those mistakes to understand and develop.


S: Oh, yes. Yes. No, no, no. I’m not doing judgments. I’m just saying that that is what the majority of people do because they’re looking externally. If they just looked inside themselves, they would find everything they’re looking for.


G: Yeah. I mean, when I was seeing the Aborigines, and how they lived. It was pretty, you know, rough and ready.


S: Yeah.


G: That’s all we’d consider it to be. But for them, I mean, they all had bare feet, for example.


S: Yeah.


G: They didn’t worry about sandals, and shoes for their feet. They only wore skins, very simple.


S: Yeah.


G: When they wanted a robe, there were made from bark or trees or twine or something. So life was all about just enjoying life and doing what you had to do.


And what the Western world has created is ego, jealousy. Ambition is all very well, but again, it’s getting to the extreme.

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