Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1064  Climate Change effects, no water no energy (Part 1)

G: Okay. I started going through a few areas where the energy was very light, the colours were very light green, very pale green, very pale blue, anemic colours almost. And then a few buildings which were sort of empty, and then a couple of ships which were just sort of in the sand. And then I saw a tunnel, and in the tunnel was water starting to come through.


This is to do with a climate change, because what we haven’t sort of considered at the moment is where there is a lack of water in the climate change is a lack of clearing energy. As you know the negative energy goes into water and so on.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: So when you get a very barren area, the energy becomes blocked, it cannot get cleared the normal way. But this is all-hand nature who balances itself. It’s very good at doing that. It takes some time, but it always makes alternative plans. You have it in now, for instance, the Sahara Desert, and many other deserts. But the Sahara is one of the biggest, and it’s been desert for thousands of years. And it will eventually change. It used to be a forest, and it’s now a desert, and it will change again. So don’t be too concerned about that. But just be aware of where there are places where water is running out, the energy will run out as well.


S: Yeah. And so we have, now, (Feb 2023) we have all our beaches closed because of the E.coli. It’s saying that it’s going to affect the tap water as well and all sorts. So there’s a huge outbreak, and the oceans are all closed. It’s the highest count they have seen and the fish are all dead.


Spirit: These things will happen, and what that is, is simply nature correcting the balance. Suddenly all the fish get wiped out.


S: Yeah. It makes people aware as well. 


Spirit: Yes, it makes people aware. But the fish get wiped out because there’s too much of this particular disease in the water, or bacteria in the water. So all the fish die, and then that area is left to die because there’s nothing more for the bacteria to feed on. So that is how nature corrects itself.


But that is only temporary measure. In the oceans and the lakes around the world there are disasters in many, many, many areas. All sorts of ones, where water is dried out, water has become polluted, too much salt, too little salt, all sorts of things. And again, nature will correct itself, it takes time, but this also affects the human environment, and that will affect the human economy because of growing food and so on. If you take a drought, we were saying the other day that the opposites are everywhere, so the opposite of a drought is too much rain and so on. So that’s where nature adjusts. But the biggest thing you need is if you have the correct balance on it, then you have the right amount of food, you’ll actually have a surplus of food.


But where you’re getting to a stage where you are now, even without this Ukraine and Russian war, your food source is dwindling rapidly because your population is still growing, but the markets and the farms and so on are not growing. Too much has been… they are concentrating too much on making profits through commercialization and industrialization, and not so much looking after the farms and the growth of food outside of man-made structures. So what they’re trying to do in a lot of places is to use indoor greenhouses etc. and the faster growing methods to create food to ship it off to supermarkets and so on, much quicker, to make a profit much quicker.


And they’re ignoring the farmlands and the additional work it would take to grow crops the normal way. This will eventually turn around and change. With this change that is happening now, they will realise that there’s going to be a shortage, but they will only realise it right at the last minute. If you take what’s been happening now, and you can read anywhere that there is a shortage of grain, and this is creating havoc around the world right at this moment. But it’s been going on for years, and nothing really has been done, and nothing really gets done because of your major companies wanting to access as much as possible for profit. The population and the future are not really considered when it is over and above profit.

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