Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1068  Sharon was a Gypsey

Spirit: Many lifetimes ago, Sharon, you and I worked together with plants and with nature. It was a lifetime, a very casual lifetime that you had. And you shared this promise, this excitement of nature and how it worked. It was a long, long time ago, I would guess, in your years, several, several hundred years. The days would be equivalent to your Red Indian tribes.


S: Okay.


Spirit: … but you are in Europe and you are a gypsy. Okay, we were gypsies and it was just a matter of, not so much of loving nature, but we created a lot of healing potions and medicinal benefits for all sorts of people. This is where you got your love of healing and nature from. We were not married or joined. We were just together in this group and there were a few families that we used to travel together and the two of us used to go out and we used to collect all the different herbs and barks and so on to make all these different potions.


There was nobody really to teach us in those days, so we did a lot of experimentation and we tried a lot of things. A lot of things failed, but what was beneficial was the sensing of what was correct and what wasn’t. We could touch things and feel that they were good and we could touch others and feel they were bad. And when we shared, we both got the same results and that’s when we experimented and we used various potions.


S: Shew.


Spirit: Now, when we met other groups, we met other healers in different groups. We would share information. Now, these days, of course, you have this ego, this jealousy, but in those days we shared because we would learn from each other. We would get some beautiful things. We would give away some beautiful things. And that made us very proud and very happy to be able to do this.


And one of the worst things that the Westerners, doctors, used to do in those days was to bleed people.


S: Ahg.


Spirit: They used to think, by cutting an artery and letting out what they thought was tainted blood.


S: Toxic yeah.


Spirit: And they weren’t too sure about how the new blood was manufactured. It was just, they had a very basic understanding of the body. Whereas we could see it from a completely different viewpoint because we saw it as all these different energies. Now, again, we didn’t understand an awful lot about the body because we weren’t due to at that particular stage.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But, this has just been part of the grounding, part of your learning that you can become very beneficial in this particular lifetime. So you have progressed an awful lot more than I have. Lol. 


S: Lol. Not sure. Lol.


Spirit: But if you can probably see, maybe see, we had a red and a yellow caravan. Two horses, one to pull and one to tow behind. And we had a very comfortable, very enjoyable life. We both died at a very young age.


S: Shew.


Spirit: And most of our time was in France, but we use to travel around to other areas. And we enjoyed the friendship and the love for helping others and the love for creating, using herbs and plants and bark.


S: Absolutely, shew.


Spirit: I don’t think I will be with you in this next life that you are having. But I can see you have a lot of very, very efficient helpers, which again have learnt an awful lot more than me. So, I will say goodnight.


S: Thank you for connecting with me.


Spirit: And I hope to talk to you again at some time.


S: I hope so. Thank you.


G: Mmm. So you were a gypsy.


S:Damn right. And one of the very many thousand, one of the thousand, five thousand witches that were burned as well.


G: Lol. Ah, that’s what you call a good apprenticeship.


S: I like the little cabbie he described with the horse in the front and the horse in the back.


G: Yeah, I can see that very clearly.


S: I got the energy of what we did. Divine. Again, again.


G: Yeah, of course in those days it wasn’t so polluted with not just the atmosphere, but also with the…


S: Control.


G: Yeah, control, economics and business and all that jazz. It was really much freer. Yeah, and then of course, not so much, they were only shunned by society I think later on. I don’t know, the 19th century or something. Because they used to be just a very colorful group of people. And they went around doing healing, but it was only later. When that sort of went out of favor, they changed to selling clothes, pegs and doing whatever they do these days.

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