Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1069 Muslims – the hardest Religion to change

G: Right. Straight away I’ve got Turkey. Turkey is the biggest Muslim country in the world. And what they are showing me is a lot of knots, or one big multiple knot. And I think this is all the different types of Muslims, all intertwined, so they sort of can’t be separated, but there are different streams of Muslims. I know it pretty much makes sense because you do get different types of Christianity and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: So they are bound to have the same over there. Now they are showing me an ear and, ah, they are preachers. Now, they are showing me an ear, and they’re showing me that the guys right at the top, the… I forget the name of them though.


S: Yeah, I can’t remember.


G: They’re priests, whatever, level they are at.


S: Yeah.


G: They’ve got the ear of the people, and people listen to what they have to say. But between them there is tremendous .., some form of disparity. It’s because the Koran is very difficult to change.


S: Yeah.


G: What they’re trying to do is justify things and find their way around things.


S: And as everything evolves, and they see change, they find difficulty between the two.


G: Yes, it’s getting stronger and stronger.


S: The energy, yeah.


G: So what they’re tending to do to get over this is to forget the really old part of the Koran. They’re concentrating just on the new. Now, it was all basically written over a few years ago. A couple of thousand years ago, or 1500 years ago I think. And it was written over a period of a couple of years.


But the new they’re talking about is the interpretations of this particular century, I think. Because they have to justify, or what they’re trying to do is justify the words of the Koran, what they’re trying to do is say, now we’ve found the correct meaning is what they meant to say was this. And we’ve all thought about it, we’ve all agreed and we should all do this and that and the other. They’re trying to change it. Because what they’re sort of realizing is it doesn’t really fit in with today’s world.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. So they’ve got to change it somehow. But they, also, what they don’t want to do is, you know, if you and I are both these clerics, and you say one thing and I say another, I don’t want to be not in line with what you’re saying because I might be classified as a radical. So, it cannot happen, I’ve got to think the same way as you. So it’s very difficult for these people to discuss something without going too far off tangent. So, there what spirit would do is to get them to say things like, ah, we’re hearing stories about whatever it is, just to get the other person’s opinion.


S: Opinion, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. And then that will start to make changes. The people themselves are not actually bad people. They certainly believe in what they do. They believe very much in family and family values, but they also feel very isolated from the rest of the world. Simply because of their religion. It’s a very strict religion. And they were brought up to believe very strongly in that particular religion.


S: And that was the only way, yeah.


Spirit: You know, with the Christianity movement that you can switch over to Protestant or Catholic or Jewish or whatever, but with the Islam religion there’s not really any variations. Just one and so they have more of a problem in changing than anybody else.

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